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  1. getting some new things and trying to sell off some other random stuff, fun times lol

  2. i see cobalt in my future

    1. ToNasty


      Cobalt as in what I think you mean?

    2. bass_stalker


      if the sale goes through yes

  3. jeep cherokee take 2, haven't quite decided what I'm gonna do with it just yet, was originally gonna part it out and scrap it but the body is too nice and the interior is damn near mint,
  4. nothing worse than not having a bass vehicle during mardi gras

    1. Wood


      or on any nice sunny day!

    2. hoit


      or beads...hell, it is Mardi Gras!!

  5. built this for a really close friend as a valentines day gift, she's really into cars so either she's gonna be pissed or she's gonna love it
  6. another fun night at weatherford, not lol. the things we deal with to fund our hobbies
  7. never post a video of your one of a kind led taillights to a jeep page, because everyone will spam your facebook asking about wanting to buy a set, and if a set can be made for older model cherokees

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    2. _paralyzed_


      Figure out what would be a decent price to cover costs and labor. Double that, and say that's the price if you want them. If people still want them stack some cash man.

    3. Soccerballzs


      Who doing custom lights?...

  8. just got breakfast from mc donalds, the food is hot, my order is right, and the workers were friendly, i have a feeling it will be a bad day

    1. ProMaxx316


      stay home and lock yourself in the room. Do not leave till the next morning. Trust me

    2. Soccerballzs
    3. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      Yep, mud butt can ruin a person's day.

  9. got bored on lunch at work and broke out the potato, cant wait to find some one to build my grille, and get my new headlights in
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