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  1. getting some new things and trying to sell off some other random stuff, fun times lol

  2. i see cobalt in my future

    1. ToNasty


      Cobalt as in what I think you mean?

    2. bass_stalker


      if the sale goes through yes

  3. been a while since i posted here, gonna have to start updating everything, but for now enjoy a vid
  4. only other thing i can think of, is the powder-coating ground off where the alt meets the engine?
  5. just out of curiosity did you try grounding directly to the alt? mine did the same thing until i ran a ground directly from the alt case to the battery, works fine now, and the reason the parts stores will say you have a bad regulator is because they are comparing it to either the oem amperage or what they stock, if its any higher voltage or amperage wise it will say its a bad reg
  6. jeep cherokee take 2, haven't quite decided what I'm gonna do with it just yet, was originally gonna part it out and scrap it but the body is too nice and the interior is damn near mint,
  7. nothing worse than not having a bass vehicle during mardi gras

    1. Wood


      or on any nice sunny day!

    2. hoit


      or beads...hell, it is Mardi Gras!!

  8. built this for a really close friend as a valentines day gift, she's really into cars so either she's gonna be pissed or she's gonna love it
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