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  1. bought 3 dd audio amps and one of his USAlternator, great guy to deal with, always on point and answering all the questions i had with the utmost professionalism
  2. searching around looking at builds, saw yours, very nice work, clean. Its amazing what you can do with the right tools :D

  3. what make is your car because i know alot of gm cars there headlights are negatively triggered so u might have ur wires switched
  4. cant invert them as the seat will be in front of them when up as there is only about 5inch from the back of the seat to the box, and with the max dims i have i cant rearrange the subs any other way for design one
  5. even with design 2 or 3 it should still be pretty loud tho?
  6. hey guys so im designing a box for an 2004 avalanche the box can only be 48 max wide and 21 height length doesn't really matter but i have come up with a couple different designs its gonna be 4 12" around 9cu.ft tuned to 34, with a port area of around 110sq in, which design would work best? Design 1 Design 2 Design 3
  7. still doin some more work to the upstair but got all ma tools and cars moved over there
  8. your gonna have to take out the stock ones in the back out and put new ones in and here would be a kit for it http://www.airassisted.com/Bolt-in-Air-Rid...oduct_info.html
  9. hey was goin thru youtube for some toronto based artists and found this songs, got a good bass line and looks like it would pound with a system jDiggz - just pump it
  10. yea me and ma dad are payin around $1500 a month, an yes it does have 220v and idunno how think the floors are but they seem solid so i might be able to get a hoist in there
  11. no the tractor doesnt come with it lol , well i have been workin on the shop off and on and i have finaly got all the wiring done and knocked down some walls upstairs( ma office) down front is ma dad office, juss started digging a trench for the internet thats gonna run from the landlords building to ours . . . so i will have some new pixs up soon of the shop
  12. hey guys, well after 2 years of looking for a shop to rent to fix up my cars and hopefully open a custom shop for audio installs and airride and hydros i have found one, its bout 2100sq ft, im soo excited about it, gotta fix up some parts of it but im happy i finaly found something. and now for some pixs srry are alil dark
  13. i was wonderin wen ppl were gonna start mentioning lil rob, mr criminal, mr Capone, lil menace, lil flip, mr shadow, mr trippalot, fingazz, down A.K.A kilo all of them are awesome cruisin songs
  14. no not at idle, rpms raised but even with rpm raised still dimming, i will check over the install but is it kinda hard to have a bad ground if its grounded right to the battery in the back?
  15. the 160 is an ad244 with a 160 stator in it from a local alternator shop, he put it on the alternator dyno machine thing and i saw it said like 165amp also the 2 yellow tops were charged b4 install and they are the D75/25 (8042-218) model
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