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  1. new battery! resting after 3 days my new amp rd d5 shes alittle dirty got it in the girls car for now sa-12 wired to 1 ohm getting abused https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_q5dIMHlZ4I&list=UUTL9UJWlUx1lmwZ9Grv5qXA&index=1 now the bad news i got layed off at work 2 weeks ago so im kinda at a stand still till i get a new job then all i really have left is a longer belt and subs
  2. trucks a mess but ... this box is in and weighs a ton. about 3 sheets of .75" mdf was used plus the steel for the removable port
  3. 300 amp alt on temp sensor plug i accidentally broke when putting the alt on box almost done my local builder is waiting on his steel to be cut for the removable port
  4. when i get paid tuesday ill try to go and take it out and get a detailed picture of the part] EDIT i just read that the top of the plug looks just like that and it is right next to the radiator hose
  5. it wont start without it pluged in. and the temp gauge hasnt worked since i bought it. but ran fine
  6. i was putting my 300 amp alternator on yesterday and it was real cold out and i think when i was moving wires i broke this part off. with out the plug touching the 2 prongs sticking up it wont fire up. as soon as i found that the plug was broke and sat the plug on top it fired right up. so what is this part and how hard would it be to replace? here is a closer view to kinda show what is broke and here is a pic to show were it at any help would be great thanks!
  7. hopefully my 1/0 terminal get here today along and my plug for my alternator

  8. should be on and going next week as soon as the oval plug gets here wall is out. going to 2 15's so if any comps are within driving distance for me i wont get destroyed.
  9. been awhile since i posted any updates .... well i got it! Tenney 300amp unit also design has changed gonna just go with 2 15's non walled
  10. i got a 2000 400ex and the eclip on the needle in my carb broke while i was riding the other day and im trying to replace that does anyone know what size it is? i tried to google it but google > me
  11. No I haven't my stock is 100 I think. Trying to get a 350 amp one. Gonna be fixing my port soon.ita pretty small and thanks guys
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