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  1. hopefully my 1/0 terminal get here today along and my plug for my alternator

  2. got told today by a guy at work "i hit 152db with 2 12's on my stock electrical with a "4000" watt ampdidnt get into details about the car or what subs or amp but he said something about them being real similar to earthquak

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    2. SMZ2
    3. imnew59585


      Q power ftw lolololol

    4. jake1993


      lol prolly was boss doing them 152's lol drainging his battery in 1 song hehehe

  3. awsome got a tear in my sheet metal on the driver side by the mirror / were thecorner of the window is

  4. yeah its rated at 2000 @ 2 ohms but i ran it with no issues for over a year @ 1 ohm never got to clamp it maybe ill break it out and see how much power it will do
  5. full shot shot 1 shot 2
  6. cant wait for my damplifier pro to get here

    1. Born_Again


      How many feet and where's it going?

    2. jake1993


      i got 20sqft for now. the roof and if i have any extra the doors

  7. well got new e3 spark plugs in and a new radiator in the truck

    1. tdsa23


      I just put the e3s in my ride they seem better for power still waiting to see how gas goes

  8. whats in that vibe? and whats the electrical in it like? my girls got one and i put a single sa 12 in it on a ap1500
  9. that maintainer is the best thing i think ive ever bought. keeping my bank charged

  10. why do people ditch the rubber gasket of their subs? looks bad imo ....

    1. Team Bassick - Kimo

      Team Bassick - Kimo

      has nothing to do with cosmetics its for better fitment.

    2. KillaCam


      You can be loud and look sexy all at once.

    3. jake1993


      so louder without gasket? ....

  11. can some one tell me why dc recomended to me to run the same amount of port for daily as i would for spl? they said 90sqin @ 6cuft for the 1 18 and then just do a port with the tunning i want for daily and the other tunned to my resinating freq... i dont get it dont spl. ( gonna try interchangable ports)

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    2. jake1993


      lol i was trying to figure out what to do for port area so i can have a port to burp with and one to slam the lows with... got a level 4 m1

    3. will77530


      max dimensions?

    4. will77530


      if you want to pm me i can help you with a box design

  12. hopefully ill have some updates and numbers posted soon.... 1 dc lvl 4 18 in the truck.

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