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  1. 19 and in the military. got drunk as hell last night and woke up drunk for pt this morning.
  2. i see u have 2 15s? how many cubes were u able to get out of it? any pics?
  3. 2 large subs, probably 15s. 18s if i can get them to fit. roughly 3k watts and bout 48"w. thata about all i can give at the moment cant get to my truck
  4. In a 1999 s10 extended cab with just a standard box whats the amount af airspace im looking at with the seats most of the way up? No need to be below the window line however i dont want something that is permanent eliminating a wall. Post ups pics ans designs please...
  5. it actually has a 9 in rear end. but as far as an intake what would you suggest on doing? whats the difference in long tube and shorties?
  6. i have a 97 s10 with a ls1 from a 98 vette. i want more power out of it. where would be the best place to start???
  7. if possible i wouild try to get what i paid for it... or trade for a pair of high power 12s or something. 5ft is gonna be hard. 4 was hell, not counting that subs up in a trunk is like the least efficiant way to do it. I did it with a 15 and my 2 12s blew it out of the water...
  8. its damn near impossible to get a box big enough for a 18 in there. i have one 15 in 4 cubes and caught hell. the trunk is plenty big but you gotta get the box in there. also the only way it would fit is with sub up port to the front/back/side... id do a set of 12s before id do a 18.
  9. x2.... didnt have to get all offensive and shit. we are all there for the same purpose.
  10. no "real" budget. i dont wanna go insane with it though. no more than about a grand or 2. oh thats just subs and amps by the way. i have everything else. It was salvaged from my pontiac...
  11. its actually a decent size. the opening isnt huge though. obviously not mine...
  12. also got a procharger kit.(should be here nxt week) also these are out to paint now. getting the lip painted white. also a few more mods to come. but all that aside i need some beat in it. i have no clue where to start. i need some suggestions. i was thinking along the lines of 15s
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