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  1. well not to much right now but im going to try for windows and then do my exhaust so i can drive it around haha even tho i love it with out the exhaust haha yeah windowns will be nice atleat front one . what kind of exhaust set up ? magnaflow glasspacks. to give it that old school sound. i wish i can drive mine. i have video on youtube, link is in my sig. so if you want to check it out.. would be great to tell me what you think.
  2. x4 great thing from crescendo and great customer service! even though he is a pretty busy guy. i dont always leave a message, but yet he still call me back. so great customer service
  3. x2 plus take a look at your port area is too low (it has to be in the port area range)
  4. dayummm bro, very nice set up!! coming along great. i just finish up my frame. i drop my motor back in. to test fit everything.. im going to upload some video in abit. anywho back to topic. very nice work!! did you get any video of the truck show?
  5. price check for all you'r levels 12"s and ship quote 93203 will be ordering in the future
  6. so either way if each side of the coil is 1ohm, and i run a wire from one coil to the amp(A) and the other coil to the amp( is the amp going to see 1ohm? only one subwoofer. basicly this my question subwoofer coil(A) + and - to amp (A) subwoofer coil( + and - ( amp going to see 1ohm correct?
  7. ok guys im a little confused here the question, if i wire a dual 1ohm subwoofer, to a mono amp. example( one coil to side (A)on the amp and the other coil to side ( on the amp, is the amp going to see 1ohm or .5ohm????? i know in parallel it a .5ohm and in series it 2ohms, so im guess if i wire each coil to (A) and ( on the amp it going to see 1ohm correct??? thanks -Chris
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