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    loud or fast vehicles, anthing a cute girl can hang all over half naked and look good doin it lol
  1. Country music is the Shit! Go to a Tim Mcgraw concert and just look at the women. Youll learn to love it ;)

  2. Wow, that is such a sexy hummer man. cant wait to see this thing finished up. Gonna be brutal for sure.
  3. Well I haven't ben in this thread in a minute, I haven't done much since school is going hoping this summer I will be able to cut and lean out a little more I've been holding at 225 and 16% bf goal is 215 and 8% bf. But should be starting my cutting diet soon to get my body used to it before I start pounding away at the gym.
  4. Ill be 21 on the first of May, But I am moving out after i get back from bootcamp. I am doing the Navys Medical Officer Program So I basically have a choice of going to whatever school i want to.
  5. http://kalecoauto.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=24 Sorry on my phone shit prolly won't hyperlink correctly.
  6. Exodus Sicko-X "Details of Concept: Box Size: 7-12 ft^3 System Design: Single 18" driver with dual matching 18" Passive Radiators. Power: Face Audio F1200-TS 4700W of power into the driver Goal:116dB anechoic from 25Hz up. Transducer Design: *5" Voice Coil with split gap, split coil motor design. Power handling out the ying-yang and at least 55mm of X-max. 70mm of X-mech so we have a full 5.5" of mechanical clearance and 4.3" of clean stroke peak-peak. *Counter Coil to virtually eliminate inductance issues, careful design for symmetric Le curve for the inductance we have. Counter coils won't saturate with power like shorting rings. End result, 5" VC with very little inductance and EXTREMELY linear with power, frequency and stroke. Impedance curve looks like a planar, ruler flat way out beyond what you typically see with a sub. *Specially tooled 14" spider with some unique mojo to linearize Cms and maintain production tolerances within +/-5%. Designed to fully support full capabilities of the motor. *Specially tooled Surround with symmetric Cms curve, both inner & outer rolls like a progressive spider fully supporting the full capabilities of the motor. *T/S Parameters close to our Maelstrom-X. Parameters usable in both PR/sealed systems of large but manageable size. *Matching Passive Radiators with the same 5.5" of peak-peak throw. *Projected Price for the driver: $1000 each Projected Price for the Passive Radiators: $250ea (two needed) *Projected Price for complete projects (driver, PRs, amp & signal processing): $2500 *Projected Availability: November 2008"
  7. So pissed I didn't come see you at Wendys man. I saw ur truck parked there and was gonna in there talking about of shit lol and then Introduce myself but I was far yo drunk shit our hotel was across the Street from wendys on the beach and I got lost walking to it lol another day man and I'll come check out your arms lolz
  8. Been running them for awhile now they get super loud on good power and in an enclosure they have stupid amounts of mid-bass my local shop sells for 25 a piece for the 6's.
  9. Dammit i saw you at wendys friday night but was far to drunk to come up and talk lol
  10. I forgot both of mine are slowed down to about 85%, Women lie men lie by Yo Gotti slowed down is pretty nasty in my truck too.
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