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  1. Country music is the Shit! Go to a Tim Mcgraw concert and just look at the women. Youll learn to love it ;)

  2. Ill be 21 on the first of May, But I am moving out after i get back from bootcamp. I am doing the Navys Medical Officer Program So I basically have a choice of going to whatever school i want to.
  3. yea I mean there's a chance the song was a little clipped but clipping was a minimal factor with it. But I'm tuned at 35hz and was playing 25hz and lower for 10 minutes and finally got a little stinky. But I'm waiting for my next paycheck and am planning on ordering a second lvl5 then gonna work on my electrical and then amps
  4. Haha yea man I haven't had the first issue with it since I picked up from you.
  5. For the first time I smelled my lvl5 18, I have been beating the hell out of this thing for months now. And finally smelled coil with 3000 watts and playing under tuning for about ten minutes straight. I was amazed lol. I know I shouldn't be excited about this but maybe finally this things finally loosening up a little.
  6. My belief is if you do not speak fluent english and do not have proper legal documentation to be in the states, then u need to buy ur ass a one way ticket (not the government) or be prepared to be put on a boat in the middle of the ocean with a weeks worth of food and no fuel. Pisses me off because i got passed over by many scholarships and shit because I am a born and raised american. Had three letters come back to me stating i was no ethnically diverse enough to recieve such scholarships and now i am footing the bill of college my damn self with no help but an illegal fucking immigrant can get this shit paid for by the government. We really need to rethink our morals here and rise against this kind of rubbish. Whether this incident is old or not, This battle for our freedom and our given rights are slowly disappearing because of incidents like this. I mean why in the fuck should we be footing the bill for these illegal waste of space to be here. I live in Florida in a highly populated Spanish area and have been told numerous times that i need to learn Spanish to better communicate in my community. Each time ive heard that i give the universal FUCK YOU! Because Everyone understands what that means. /rant
  7. Fusge rounds have been my weakness since I was like 5 lol I fucking adore the jumbo sized ones it's like 2 delicous pancakes with choclate in between.
  8. Id like to see that c6 on a 200 shot lol 537 N/a is pretty tank.
  9. Ill be honest man your car is what has inspired me to build this i heard your car at SBN for a few minutes and instantly knew i wanted to rebuild lol So actually i hate you haha now im gonna be spending more money than i planned to ever spend on my truck lol
  10. Or if you have some 4" vc monsters? Id possibly look into those too
  11. Well i was talking to a local buddy and im trying to make the box as small as possible So he suggested maybe 2 8.1's and roughly 4.5-5 cubes per sub with around 100 sq inches of port tuned to 33-36hz whats ur input drew? and ill map out electrical for you. 2 300 amp alts, Stock alt. 8 runs of 1/0 + and 8 runs -, 7 D3100's, 6 in the back one up front. I figure ill be pulling close to 1400 amps of current constantly with the stereo full tilt. And lots and lots of deadener.
  12. Yep i know what ya mean man, It would be so nice to have some t/s parameters to build a proper enclosure. But i do love my lvl5 But i have yet to play with the XL's and i like to experiment with subs so i may just make the switch to do some testing. And have yet another notch with DC subs. And as far as electrical im gonna run a DAT 8.1 so yea the electrical is gonna be a major change for me as i want the full potential of that amp so im deff gonna run a dual setup with several batteries. And lots of 1/0.
  13. O I know I won't be dissapointed by anymeans rustys an awesome dude. And has some solid ass products but I've decided that the 8.1 is the amp I'm gonna run and idk how much the xl's will enjoy 4k a piece lol. I'll have to talk to rusty was kinda hopin him or drew would chime in.
  14. Yea a 2000 with a lvl 5 on an AP3k debating now if i wanna rebuild with two xl 18's and 5k rms or 2 lvl5's and 8k rms.
  15. So u want me to tell Bill to put it on ur tab? lol
  16. Yea it is lol i really want my 150 on music but i wanna be below the height limit for Bassboxing and 2 18's is the largest i can go without putting batteries and stuff outside the truck to accomplish that.
  17. Im in florida I do Bassboxing and some bassrace. But sweet tag i literally wanted to do the exact same tag haha.
  18. this makes me wanna punch a baby....... I was thinking of the exact same thing after my rebuild...... fml.
  19. Well ive gotten the bug again. I just got my lvl5 playing again, But im already wanting to rebuild. Sticking with DC for sure. Love my lvl5 but im thinking of stepping down to some xl's and running them off my AP3K for a little while and then possibly reconing them and runing them on thier own 2.5K. Im just debating should i step down or just wait and save for another lvl5 and add another 3k or a DAT 8.1. The rebuild would take a bit longer if i do another lvl5. would there be that substantial of a difference between the 5k rms vs. the 8k rms. either way the subs would be in identical boxes and electrical would be the same for both. Box is gonna be 12^3 tuned around 35hz for bassrace. Goal is to bassrace off 2 18's in the 149.9 class. its a bit of stretch i know but is possible. Will there be enough difference though to justify spending close to 2 grand more on electrical, amps, and subs for a few tenths? or would the difference be a few db's? I understand this is an almost impossible question to answer but what are your experiences?
  20. thanks man and yea I love mine looks great on the tv too just with the frame rate was a tad higher to show how much that back door actually flex.
  21. hell yea man been beatin the shit out of my lvl5 since I got the amp and that bitch hasn't even gotten warm on me yet. Hopefully steppin up to 2 18's and another 3k maybe then I'll be close to your level.
  22. anyone else, kinda hopin james would chime in since he seems to know alot about the higher end products. I wanna run two mids and a tweet in the front doors and have a set in the back doors. Gonna put two or three layers of damplifier pro in the doors. Fiberglass my front doors to accomadate two 6's and put 4's in my doors, and run a 100.4 for my mids and a smaller amp for the tweets all run active, i really just wanna know if this will possibly keep up with 2 lvl5 18's at all or should i be looking into more cone area in the doors to have any chance cuz im not worried about SQ but would love to have some loud higher end components that are'nt gonna eat my pockets and still sound good. Any suggestions at all from anyone? Im willing to spend about 300-400 a set if need be but dont wanna go much more than that cuz i gotta get another alt and 2 more batteries for the new sub i plan to run.
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