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  1. did a 149.3 at 43hz first time on the meter! tied and did a 14.3 again for the win this thing is consistent! Just enought highs and lows Tim knows how to build his shit!!!
  2. DAAAAM Tim this came out GREAT!!! in about a month truck will be at audiotistics again for RF amp and maybe sum more mids n highs if we dont do the ipad thing!
  3. bro im down to help let me know!! i get bored as fuck here at home! mine should be done by next week
  4. Nope, my thought´s was more, that the owner had the AQ´s and don´t want to switch the amp´s. Next thought was to the old rule of thump, if you underpower, build the box bigger than threw the spec´s. Did you build the box bigger than threw the spec´s? And if, how much bigger, it´s intresting and give experience for the future, to have some examples for those old rule´s. Exactly i already had the aq amps laying around no point in buying new amps for now! Power will be upgraded as soon as i get my mechman 370 alt! As far as box size goes i have no idea but tim is a pro! so for now the aqs will do sum work and in a bit i will upgrade on amps and more batteries! but as it is right now it should bang pretty dam good!!!
  5. Tonight maybe around 6 in the audiotistics youtube channel u can watch tim cut/operate on my truck live!
  6. I aint gonna get enough bass from underneath the seat or taking out center console! Going from 16 12s to something simple wasnt going to CUT it!! And thats the reason why tim is gonna cut the shit out of it!!!
  7. Their is loud cars in wichita?? i went their a couple months ago saw nothing heard nothing! lol i felt like i was the only mexican their!
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