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  1. cadi from tucson!! just got the lvl 6s today and he is playing with them! Gotta break them in!! 162+ on this bitch
  2. Order has been sumbited!! Looks like the address was the problem! Cant wait to get this unit in my hands! Thanks steve
  3. there is the problem! Thanks steve i was trying to ship it here to work since i work at the bank 9-5 job never home, but i understand ill have it shipped to my house! THanks for the quick response let me give this another try!
  4. Im trying to place order but saying transaction declined? anyone else having this issue! tried using paypal and it kicked me out as well refering me back to wccaraudio
  5. still havent sound deadn the truck which i know it will help lower my peak, box is 28cu and 464 sqin of port, i need to make port smaller but for right now not going too untill i adjust some other stuff!
  6. thanks for shooting the vid! now that the system is tuned and gains on amps are up its way louder! But thats what i get for finishing up the build at 3 am the day of the competition! i will post sum new vids up next weekend at a local show we are having here in vegas!
  7. 05 silverado 1500 16 12s Ascendant Audio Arsenals 4 Audioques 3500s @2ohm 8 Kinetik 2400s Maxxlink Mechman Alts
  8. Still building almost finished if everything good i will be in Extreme 3+ and BassBoxing!
  9. thanks bro i will start looking for sum these should be around budget!
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