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  1. did a 149.3 at 43hz first time on the meter! tied and did a 14.3 again for the win this thing is consistent! Just enought highs and lows Tim knows how to build his shit!!!
  2. thinking bout putting 1 15 in center console i have 17"H 15"W 25"L
  3. I have my mechman alt up for grabs i bought this on preorder and recieved jan 2012 installed in my truck on march 2012 and was taken off in dec when i traded in my truck! also it comes with a dual alt bracket that is broken didnt even realize it till i removed but im pretty sure its an easy fix and still bolts on!! comes with bracket and belt too! link to presale thread for more specs on alt http://www.stevemead...en-waiting-for/ This Set up was on my 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500 5.3 Never had a problem with alt i got me a 2012 hemi now so no need for this alt!! For now im keeping it local VEGAS area So cal area asking $350 For alt and External Module bracket pulley belt everything on the picture!! on this pic u can see where the bracket broke
  4. Order has been sumbited!! Looks like the address was the problem! Cant wait to get this unit in my hands! Thanks steve
  5. there is the problem! Thanks steve i was trying to ship it here to work since i work at the bank 9-5 job never home, but i understand ill have it shipped to my house! THanks for the quick response let me give this another try!
  6. Im trying to place order but saying transaction declined? anyone else having this issue! tried using paypal and it kicked me out as well refering me back to wccaraudio
  7. i have sum hybrid audio legatia l3s and sum tweets l1s that i want to put in my pillars on dash! Roughly what is a resonable price to pay to get a shop to build these?
  8. anyone have any updates on wat you need to get in if i dont get a responce from someone im just walkin my ass to da palms and ask cause its just across the street from where i work!!
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