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  1. i had one with two type r's wired to 4 ohms daily and it pounded, for that price i wouldnt pass it up if its in good condition. also probably one of the cleanest sounding amps ive heard
  2. well i mean either set up will be pretty good and loud really the only reason the r's are louder is because its more cone area, but ssd or q will be good as well don't get me wrong but r's will be better.
  3. 2 type r's 12's in the right box will kill that q i know because i have a friend with 2 type r 12s and one that had a 15in bl and the type r's where alot louder, also the guy with the bl built both boxes so it didn't have anything to do with one enclosure being superior and the 12's were powered by a alpine pdx 1.1000 which i sold to him and the bl by a fosgate 1000.1 bd. also 1 ohm puts more strain on the electrical, the lower ohms the less resistance so more strain
  4. how can you jordan wouldn't be the best player today in his prime? in all honesty i think when jordan played the league was more competitive and more defense orientated and he still dominated just look at his stats fg % ect. its pretty amazing for a guard to have multiple seasons over 50% fg percentage. also he was a great defender and rebounder. i still think jordan is the best even if kobe wins 5 more titles it will never take away what jordan brought to the sport and even in pure skill i would say jordan over kobe but kobe is great and probably the closest thing to jordan.
  5. well since your making the port bigger and taking up more area your going to have to make the box bigger, if you give me your max dimensions i can help you out on this real quick
  6. port area is the width of the port times the height make your port wider and its probably gonna need to be alot longer in order to get the tuning you want so mess around with it some more i'd say 120square inches of port minimum for 2 15's i'd say try making your port 7in wide.
  7. tuning has to do with the way the box is built, its a combo of inner area of the box, and area/ length of the port i would suggest checking out the torres calc here on the forum and mess with it maybe get an idea of how boxes need to be built and and how to tune them correctly, generally 4 15's is going to need around 20 cubic feet for the subs and port area would have to be at least 250 square inches.
  8. another thing you can do is run a jump from your power connection to your remote and if the remote is faulty then the amp will turn on. but you can't leave it like this if it turns on because the amp wont shut off so its just a test. and you can get a dmm at walmart for like 15 bucks
  9. you multiply the width of the port by the height so if your port is 15in tall and 5in wide you have 75 square inches of port
  10. well i already have a box sealed from the trunk firing forward so im going to stick with that, so i will most likely need an l port which has 3 common walls unless anyone knows how to work with aero ports, or has any better ideas, i did one 34x16x16 with 43.5 inches of port and port 14.5x3x40 with 19.42in^2 port area per foot net volume of 2.24 after sub and bracing displacement which i calculated .3 bracing for 45s not sure if thats enough, tuned to 33.38hz. what do you think?
  11. well you can probably buy the mdf wood and some screws and wood glue and build it yourself for around 50 bucks or so depending on how much it costs in your area or you can buy a box online maybe check ebay for ported boxes. if your looking to upgrade your subs though i might recommend going with some dc lvl 3's for the amount of power you have, if your looking to upgrade your entire system, then i would do some time thinking and researching because there are so many different things you could get, 1 15, 2 12's 1 18, just depends how much money you are willing to save and spend on this system man.
  12. with that being said i would get a ported box if you can build one that is the best way to go, there are plenty of people on here that would probably be willing to design one for you, if not maybe even a prefab ported box would do.
  13. what type of music do you listen to that would be another question.
  14. sundown website only recommends 2.25 cubes max for there 12in nightshade
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