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  1. welp thats prolly why i blew it lol so hopefully i wont blow these lol and idk for sure if those have resistors or not ill ask the seller to find out tho
  2. ok so if i ordered these led's..... all i would need to do is hook them to a 12 volt supply? ....reason im asking is because before i used a led from an alarm and wired it to a 12 volt supply and it blew .... idk if the alarms led was 12 volts or if i needed something else so to be safe what all do i need? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/20-X-5mm-Red-LED-Light-Bulb-Lamp-Pre-Wired-12V-22cm-DIY-/150578255690?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item230f29d74a
  3. buy a BIG one.... i bought a 300 watt inverter for my ps3 and it just kept shutting the inverter off.... if i remember correctly ps3's use 400 watts on average xbox 360s use around 300 to 350 and wii's are about 275 laptops are like 300 and desktops are like 350 dont quote me on those but i THINK thats what it is ..its been awhile since i looked them up
  4. i would do the same thing i did with my ps3 i just bought a power inverter and hardwired that in then plugged the ps3 into the inverter.....the power inverter cost me like 50 or 60 bucks
  5. Lol plz post a pic of ur truck and system cuz from reading your other post I'm calling bullshit on you even have a truck lol plus if u wall a new yukon with 1 18 and ur not building a numbers car you sir a dumbass lmao.
  6. SUPER FAST SHIPPING! like a pound of packing peanuts, and bubble wrapped like 10x's over PERFECT SELLER!!!!!!! i would for sure buy again he also included free stuff with my amp
  7. i like the design but i think those curved pieces will be hard unless u can work with wood pretty good but i like it
  8. damn i was about to get on it to.... and i hope soon we will be able to get on chat with our phones andriod os, iphone os, windows mobile os and black berry os should be supported SMOKE MAKE IT HAPPEN!
  9. i hope u know because u can set off car alarms doesnt mean your loud...hell my alarm goes off if u shut a car door decently hard next to mine...... but setting off car alarms and doing dumb shit is whats gonna make this sport illegal.....
  10. haha..how the hell is that possible? i have no idea ... i think i might have had this tab open and didnt read it yet then responded a little bit after...... idk but i was like WTF
  11. turn the bass boost off.... u can NOT hear clipping, your subs are going to be fucked.... dont turn it down TURN IT OFF
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