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  1. Don't know if this has been posted yet. One way to tell how strong your subwoofers are. Subwoofer cat.
  2. That r32 must have the hpa twin turbo kit which puts out 575 horsepower.
  3. I tell them to call me to clarify the process and then when I get them on the phone, I go off of them telling them how much of a dumb ass they are and more.
  4. I'm Dan. Found the site from word of mouth from gately audio and several friends that still work in the car audio industry. Also meet meade a while back at a couple of shows. I am 34 and live in roseville, ca just north of sacramento. Been into stereos since I was really young, before I could drive. Also worked at a couple stereo shops. Now it is more of a hobby and doing car audio stuff for friends and family.
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