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  1. Got the DJ Russticals bass drive usb 3.0 and played a couple songs, I'm smiling right now. Looking forward to when I can redo the wiring and add the second battery.
  2. I think any company that does not do rated and lies about what they put out, should not be allowed to sell their products anymore. I think it is time for the all amps to be smd amp dyno certified.
  3. Is your factory system amplified or non amplified.
  4. I just recently purchased a XSPower d3100 for my system (it will be the second battery). I still have the main battery under the hood. Was wondering if I should get the XSPower Intellicharger HF1215, HF1415 or the HF1615 or get some battery type of battery tender.
  5. It sucks cause I want to pull the sub box out of the truck to do the wire rerouting, move the amps and also install the second battery.
  6. Well, broke a toe on my left foot, yesterday. Looks like there will be about a 6 week pause on the build.
  7. I would, but slight problem. Stuck at home with a fractured right foot and a broke toe on my left foot.
  8. Just ordered the DJ Russticals bass drive usb 3.0. Looking forward to start having some fun with the system.
  9. Someone who asks for advice or what to do, then completely does the opposite. Why come to me and waste my time.
  10. 8v fury

    Better than drugs?

    That would be a great poster to put up at work.
  11. 8v fury

    Different bass knob for sundown sae 2000d

    Bigger is better. Feels small in my fingers and at time the adjustments feel like I either give it too much or too little.
  12. 8v fury

    Different bass knob for sundown sae 2000d

    Depends, why