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  1. Well, after having some fun with the subs this weekend, sound deadening is next on the list.
  2. I just buy some good aftermarket ones and don't have to worry about the stupid factory ones.
  3. I have it hook up to my headunit front channel rcas. Using a y splitter then to rca to 3.5mm stereo adapter then to the screen.
  4. I had to use a 45 degree power plug adapter and 45 degree audio jack plug to make it fit within the space there.
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/AK2515-VFD-Music-Audio-Spectrum-15-Level-Indicator-VU-Meter-Screen-/372379586431?hash=item56b38d8f7f Its a AK2515 VFD Music Audio Spectrum 15 Level Indicator VU Meter Screen
  6. The center console is finished, everything is working and installed.
  7. I wasn't able to make it due to my sdi check not showing up on Friday. I will be there next year as long as I don't move to Utah.
  8. Been slowly working on the center console, finally got the foam the on and shaped, need to do some filler and some more sanding and it will either be painted or upholstered. I was planning on having it finished by tomorrow for the NorCal vs SoCal sound off.
  9. Yesterday, first time using the SMD DD-1 and SMD CC-1 and well worth the money. Today, I finally got to turn up the system and it sounds good. Still working on the custom center console, probably about a week till its done.
  10. Truck is back. Installed the voltage gauge with a on off switch and been building a custom center console (still have some about a couple more days of work on it to finish it)
  11. Got the truck back, here is some pictures of it now. It headed back to the shop cause the factory alternator went out, so the new CES alternator is being installed.
  12. I take some pictures when I drive the truck to the Gately audio shop.
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