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  1. Finally got the battery in the battery tray, I forgot how heavy this is.
  2. Got the truck back friday, just finished rerouting the wiring, added a smd fuse block, smd distribution block, remote turnout relay setup, sky high fuse holder and Jegs battery tray (for the xs power battery). The truck is headed to Gately Audio for the CES alt install in the next couple of days.
  3. Truck is heading to the shop, to have the DJM lowering kit, new suspension parts and steering parts installed.
  4. Jonathan from CES, just sent me this video. Looks like I will be getting it sooner then expected.
  5. Finally ordered my alt from CES, hopefully it will get here right after my foot heals. Plus order some more goodies, from SMD, sky high, and auto electric supply.
  6. I recently bought a xs power d3100 and it has been sitting on my work bench. Would like to know if I can use a cen-tech 60653 charger on it and any things I need to know or watch out for when charging the battery for the first time and what I should do to keep it maintained.
  7. Have you tried testing another subwoofer with the same amp.
  8. You will need power, ground and remote wire run to both amp. Would recommend using two distribution blocks, one for power and one for ground.
  9. You did the right thing, and also having them on camera and recording them is always good. So if anything else happens or comes up missing. It is easier to id a person, instead of trying to tell the police what they look like from memory. This is one of the reasons why I installed a security system at my place and my parents place.
  10. Got the DJ Russticals bass drive usb 3.0 and played a couple songs, I'm smiling right now. Looking forward to when I can redo the wiring and add the second battery.
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