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  1. Something a little different, doing some upgrades and adding more memory soon. Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU AMD Phenom II X4 955 42 °C Deneb 45nm Technology RAM 4.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 533MHz (7-7-7-20) Motherboard BIOSTAR Group TA790GXB3 (CPU 1) 34 °C Graphics DW39F1Y1 ([email protected]) 1024MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series (XFX Pine Group) 36 °C Storage 465GB Seagate ST500DM002-1BD142 ATA Device (SATA ) 33 °C Optical Drives No optical disk drives detected Audio High Definition Audio Device
  2. I have seen stuff like that when I was working at dhl as a delivery driver and now as a warehouse manager for a online rc store. Some people try to save money on shipping anyway they can, some think what they package an item in will be ok and that the delivery driver will handle it with care (go to youtube and you will see how packages get handled) , plus on rare occasions people will do it so that they can file a insure claim. When I worked as a delivery driver, I would recommend the shipper to package a item better if I knew it might not make it the way they were shipping it, an still they would just package it the way they wanted.
  3. One of my good friends asked me if he could run 2 DVC 4 ohms subwoofers and 2 svc 4 ohms subwoofers off a 2-ohm stable mono amp or a 2 ohm stable two channel amp. I didn't have an answer for him. Was wondering if anyone knows if this is possible and if it is how should he wire it up and what would ohms be at. Or should I tell him don't do it.
  4. Here is what happens when you get bored.
  5. 8v fury

    B2 Audio Reference 8 channel class AB spy pics

    Nice, the size of the amp brings back memories of the McIntosh MC4000M
  6. If you were closer, I would be able to hook you up with some subs and a box.
  7. For right now 3/4, if I want to go lower I will have to order ball joint spacers for the front and lowered leaf springs for the rear.
  8. La Coka Nostra composed of DJ Lethal, Danny Boy, Ill Bill and Slaine.
  9. Installed smoked headlights, smoked turn signals and dark silver grill. My lowering kit from djm suspension came in, now waiting on the frame notch kit to show up.
  10. Does you vehicle have a alarm or immoblizer?
  11. I am thinking the same thing, luckily I didn't buy it, I traded some stuff for the box, subs and amp. Luckily this Saturday, I am meeting up with a friend about the new box that is going to be built for the truck.
  12. 8v fury

    Finding specs on recone subwoofer.

    Ill look when I get home, I have it sitting on a shelf, till I decide what to do with it.