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  1. That is neat, would be good to have a work when I cant have a big speaker.
  2. You did the right thing, and also having them on camera and recording them is always good. So if anything else happens or comes up missing. It is easier to id a person, instead of trying to tell the police what they look like from memory. This is one of the reasons why I installed a security system at my place and my parents place.
  3. Someone who asks for advice or what to do, then completely does the opposite. Why come to me and waste my time.
  4. That would be a great poster to put up at work.
  5. Well if varies from the size and type of box, sub and amp wired up, if you have the big three, the size of the wire, stock or aftermarket alt, what the box is tune at, seats down or up, which way the subs and port are facing, if you are using sound deadening and other determine factors.
  6. The FedEx driver dropped off a little something for me.
  7. Nice, the size of the amp brings back memories of the McIntosh MC4000M
  8. Are those the new SMD breakfast, so when are they going to be up for sale on the website or is it pickup only.
  9. People telling me how to do my job, when they either don't have any knowledge, experience or just starting to do the same job I have had for years. It is like car audio, don't come tell me how do to my stereo system, if you are inexperienced or cause you saw it on youtube.
  10. Time for me to hit the gym, looks like i might need to do some heavy lift soon.
  11. The idiots texting while driving, I want to shove their phones up their asses.
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