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  1. Would it be alright on my stock alt at 2 ohms daily i dont know how much current they draw
  2. i'm still debateing weather i should get the ZCON or my first plan which was SP4's pretty well same price but 2 different monsters. I've never heard either in real life.
  3. Im upgradeing my system but cant afford everything at once so im trying to decide weather to get 2 zcon 18's on my 1kw kenwood or 1 zcon and a Crescendo 3500. have 2 runs of 3/0 wire, 200+ ah of battery, and stock alt. im eventually upgradeing everything and was just looking to see what other people might do
  4. I had mine done a couple years ago. When we got back home i tried to go up our front stairs my self. 3 steps, then i woke up laying in the middle of the lawn lol. a week of Demerol was fun too,
  5. The moon is the closest to earth and the brightest since 1993 and you wont see it this close/bright until 2029.
  6. I put the 12's in a wall on 1kw flexing the low notes. Playing roger that slowed to 17Hz, on the new camera recorded at 240fps and played back at 60fps. The cam does HD video too so we'll try that soon.
  7. the only amp thats 24v stable that i know of is the stetsom 19K.
  8. updated first post Ebaums world, failblog, and metacafe are the big ones and alot of people on youtube post this stuff too wow really sucked to be that guy
  9. driver fell asleep and never saw traffic slow up. and another one for ya EDIT: links for phone users. and some others http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha0LPwm8NqI&NR=1 link scary one here
  10. i think record is set with 10 of the clarion 34" subs so it'd be like 40 18's
  11. make the ports a little longer and the box a little bigger to compensate for displacment of port .
  12. lol i feel the same way. stupid vw's and civics. fart cannons and rattle can flat black. i think some do have systems tho because they're sometimes hanging out in the trunk, but they look up from a long ways away to see me coming lol
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