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  1. I got my first hater! He called my car a pile of shit and said his 2000 neon with 25000 watts was the loudest ever. We said come show us but he said he's got no money for gas lol. Haters gonna hate. Hahaha
  2. Peaks at 28 Hz sealed, and 31h Hz door open. Still does a 147.6 at 19 hz legal . And does a 153.5 at 31 hz outlaw I was like wtf........WTF.......F**K YEAH!!! Lol
  3. Well last year on a SS XXX4000D i was doing 147.8 db @ 51hz, legal. in a 14 cu @ 36hz ported box, its now a 14 cu @ 32 hz wall on an American Bass 500.1, my new peak is at 28hz, can anyone guess any numbers?
  4. as long as the big 3 is done in 1/0 or bigger
  5. lol i gotta shave mine its about 8-9 months my first beard lol ill have some posted whn i get back from the show on the 20th. But i had the same size box tuned a little higher in the golf it peaked at 51hz i believe, and hit a 147.8 a week after i got them on about 1.5-2k from a XXX4000D. The American Bass is way more efficent though should deffinatly be a 150. ive blasted the old setup all day long now i cant touch the bass knob without earmuffs. lol yeah. blasting some lil wayne it started there, it looked just like a spider with 8 long legs lol then i got flagged down by another basshead that heard me drive by his work and i stop for a demo and play some of his music and completely totaled it i think if i would have took the mirror off it wouldnt have happened but im leaving it turned down until after the show.
  6. lol i know good thing my parts car had a good windsheild. Speedy wants 275 plus tax
  7. kenwood execelon x something something something lol ill check tommorow for ya
  8. I rebuilt my Golf with a 14 cu @ 32 hz wall completely sealed off from the back. (2) 18" SSA Zcon's on an AB 500.1 @ 1ohm on 5 group 31 sealed gel batteries, 2 stock allternators, 3/0 wire. SS 1-2 setup. with in an hour i put a big spider crack in it then completely destroyed it during a demo. no numbers yet but im headed to a show in a week. 7 hours of driving for some numbers lol https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10201141030471737&set=vb.1348866354&type=2&theater
  9. i picked up a soundstream XXX4000D a couple weeks ago. no issues other than i can find one other for sale and thats it. i would like to run more of these but if i cant find them whats the good of it. so should i sell my 4000d and get some dtr3400's they are $359. or go with a different company.
  10. heres the twins. These are the biggest most bad ass woofers that ive ever seen. they are so stiff, its gonna take some time to break them in. i had them on my KAC-X1R 1kw amp and they laughed at it. I NEED MORE POWWAAAAAAA!!!! oh well im going to the show on sunday anywayy. lol
  11. how does the 4 type Es sound? I've been beating the shit out of them for 4 years, and they still sound great. Managed a 145.6 at the last show. They're uploading now.
  12. Fresh off the delivery truck, i got 2 18'' ZCON's. they look way bigger in person compared to pictures. ill have pics and unboxing vids, as soon as i find out how to get pics off the ipad. been kicking a few designs around for a box but im unsure what they ike for airspace and tuning.
  13. I've been beating the shit out of my Alpine type E's for 4 years. Managed a 146.8 db on an unclamped 1k amp with 4 12's.
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