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  1. why give him a hammy down? this shit's all new except the mids/highs...and they are still brand new too. i was more talking 4 18" RE MT's and what not LOL
  2. thx. need to find a welder so i can make the brackets so i can get my 8 horns under my truck. THEN i can remake the video with the setup actually loud
  3. Ok so it feels like i have enough interest in these woofers from people to go ahead and put them up for sale 32(yes i said 32) Stereo Integrity HT 18s Dual 2 ohm. Specs of the driver can be found here: http://stereointegrity.com/index.php?id=60 PRICE: $165 shipped each no discounts on multiples If you do not like my price feel free to purchase new HERE: http://stereointegrity.com/index.php?id=57 for $162 + shipping Accepting paypal only even if you are picking up locally. I need the funds in that account.
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