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  2. dems 6$ LED's... no mo flashlights needed removing plugs and woofers getting ready for my upgrade because it was quiet before.
  3. this is a build i was working on until i decided to go all out on my truck. im offering it up for sale if anyone is interested. $2500 for the van and shell.$3500 for the van and 4 giant 16v batteries $5500 for the van, 4 batteries, and 12 of the Tantric ACME3 15s i have in my truck.
  4. lmfao yup thats what happens when you can demo more than 1 person at a time
  5. video from this past weekends ISPLL event in Dayton Ohio. 15hz makes no sound just flexes the shit out of the interior of the truck.
  6. Not as heavy as your big ass pig lol well no lol.
  7. dont question jacob fuller............ lol
  8. yeah and my brothers friends friends dad could do 180db for a hour on music with two tens lol. always that one guy. Tell mick to bring it to a Midwestspl show, to different types of competing, Im not sure Micks van would even be legal in MidwestSPL. I got tons of respect for Micks build and what he does, its just not the same org. No offence. id be mad too 12v only is ghey I'm not even mad bro, I could care less not my build I just shoot the vids. you sure have a lot to say to a person you dont know for not being upset