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  1. why give him a hammy down? this shit's all new except the mids/highs...and they are still brand new too. i was more talking 4 18" RE MT's and what not LOL
  2. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/hankveach/stats/268785910/pc/
  3. funny since that torres box calculator came out everyone thinks they are a pro and think they can design a box all the sudden. there is more than just plugging in numbers to building a great/correct box. every vehicle and every subwoofer is different and it also depends on how much power you plan on using so there is many factors that make up how u wanna design something. honestly the fad on this forum and most others is huge box huge port to drop low. its not neccessary but its a way to make it work. as far as port size goes it depends on your application. you can get away with a smaller port if you are unable to get the port length. port length plays a roll on wave travel and all that jazz that torres fails to calculate out
  4. How bout wait for Jacob to post a thread with updates??? That would work too. He is the best at keeping everyone informed when he actually has information to give out. So wait like the rest of us. Zv3 18 =. Best woofer Eva
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