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  1. DC Level 6 in action

  2. re measuring trunk, working on running old wires in better place

  3. DC Level 5 questions

    Yeah I know and I trust your opinion. But I dont think you were exact on the cubes... I do appreciate your help though.
  4. Alright, I am in the search for a new box design. Not asking for a new design now but just recommendations... First off I was told by a couple of people on here that I want a smaller box than what I have. Currently its about 4.5 cuFt and it isn't quite banging like I have seen others do. The excursion isnt what I have seen others do either (on youtube). I figured out today I was clipping my deck a little bit but it wasn't anything major. I easily fixed that by tweaking the EQ a little bit. I was clipping the amp a hair as well but when I fixed my deck the amp was fine. I was able to move the gain a good amount but still it isn't banging as hard as it should. Anyway to the whole box idea / design here. What is the displacement of a level 5 15 dc? I was told its .23 but that may be off. I was also told that I want a big box and that 4.5 cuFt would make the woofer loud as hell. Well its not to be honest (tuned to about 31hz).. I was told a few days ago that I need a box between 1.75 and 2.5 cuFt after displacement because I am throwing ~3500 watts at it (SAZ-3500D). And for two 15s 2 - 2.75 cuFt per woofer would be the best if I get level 5 15 and another 3500D. I see Thor is running a box much smaller than what he should AND is throwing 5kw per 10" level 5 woofer. Those things look like they are going to blow out of his box... Also that with anything more than 2k watts you should always fire the port and woofer towards the cab of the car and seal off the trunk. Well my trunks not sealed off (one reason why I want to rebuild the box) and I don't think my box is tuned to where it should be. I think I want more back pressure (smaller box) because that will cause it to climb in db during comps. My trunk is about 42" wide, 17.5" tall and 41" deep. The only problem that doesn't make it square is the support beam between the C pillars. It acts as the lock for the back seats and is angled towards the rear of the car. The middle of it is the smallest part of the bar leaving that to the biggest part opening towards the cab. It is also roughly 5 inches thick and is hollow. If you were to measure from the back side of the bar to the rear of the trunk you will get only about 30 inches because there is one of those stupid child safety lock things. I tried to remove it once before but its welded to all hell and would be a bitch to remove it. I need to keep this car looking stock so I am pressed for space and weight. So I need to keep the back seats in place and take them out for comps (temperately). I think I am the victim of inexperience and peoples bad advice... But by posting and reading and reading some more and then reading more and then watching videos I think I am slowly growing my knowledge. [Edit] To fix some spelling mistakes and fix a few bad numbers
  5. I have never really seen anybody in these trucks. But what happens when you have to drive over a speed bump? Do you have hydraulics so you can just raise it? But I like it. Too bad I dont have the money (or a truck) to do that.
  6. Smell? DC Level 5 15

    Jeeze 10 cubes? Theres no way I can fit that in my trunk. The max is like 4.5 cubes and I still need to fit the amps and batteries back there. The whole issue with this system is that I want the car to look stock. I would love to get another 15 but I dont have 2 grand to spend on it now.
  7. Smell? DC Level 5 15

    I am not saying you're wrong or don't know what you're talking about but why would it better increase the power handling? They suggest a 3.5 cuft box... I am just curious because if I want to move to competitions then I was always told I want a big "boomy box". But hey I am always up for suggestions / comments. Do you know a good design for this box you're suggesting? Also is the displacement of the level 5 15 like .21 cu ft?
  8. Smell? DC Level 5 15

    Alright. I have never smelt a coil burning though so I dont know sorry man. MY next project is to get an oscope and double... no triple check everything.Anybody in the southern wisconsin area want to drink and mess with woofers?
  9. Smell? DC Level 5 15

    AH! that is exactly what I wanted to hear. Its not a "bad" smell or a strong one but like I said before it smells like a freshly built computer. I havent noticed if it stops after a little while though.
  10. Smell? DC Level 5 15

    I have the electrical backing the amp and that I know. I started with a 200 alt amp and bumped it up to a 350 alt amp from high amperage (badass altys). I upgraded the battery under my hood and one in the back. I know I need a third battery back there asap. for Team_DC-Derrick -- I do not know the exact measurements of my box right now but its tuned to 30hz and is at 3.5 cu ft. I plan to rebuild it to 4cuFt later and use the entire width of my trunk and save some depth. 2003 VW Passat 350 amp alty wiring? i have no idea... -[EDIT]- 25 feet of zero gauge and 10 feet of 8 gauge. That is my closest guess now. 3.5 cu ft box two upgraded batteries (one in the front one in the trunk).
  11. Smell? DC Level 5 15

    Sorry I wasnt clear, kind of drank a little bit too much. The smell comes no matter how loud I have been playing it. The magnet warming up is only when I play it loud. I was just trying to say that the speaker isnt getting crazy hot at high volumes and stays cool at low volumes. And no I did not set anything with an Oscope. I need to get my hands on one and I really have not pushed my system at all and I wont until I snag one and rebuild my box.I am pretty new to this whole build your own system thing. I am hoping to have things up and running and banging the hardest I have ever felt in a month or two.
  12. I have been thinking about this a long, long time and finally decided to post something about it. I noticed when I first put the system in I could smell something different. Its not a bad or burning smell at all just something strange. It doesn't really matter what the volume is at or what my gains are at (little less than half on my 3500D) but the smell always comes about five minutes into playing. I would have to say it smells exactly like a bran new built computer (or computer parts freshly taken out of the anti static bag). Is this something to be worried about? I have not really tired pushing it that hard lately because I am not sure of some things. I know my subsonic is set to 28hz and my box is tuned to 30hz so that should not be a problem. I have touched the amps and all the wiring in the trunk and nothing is hot, some are warm but nothing too bad. The speaker itself gets warm from bangin it to some songs but nothing that I would consider "hot". Also, the amps are not even getting warm so I don't know. I think it may just be the amps warming up?