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  1. got dubstep? post it

    check out xcore-space cowboy(the name only should make u want to chekc it out) love and light-know us nit grit remix cookie monsta-ginger pubes (yes real song name lolz) cyberoptics-pimpin zeds dead-eyes on fire remix also check out the UKF youtube page
  2. i kinda wanna get one just to try something new
  3. Sundown 3500

    trade for 2 bxi2600?
  4. I would love this for my iPhone it would be so handy
  5. i cant wait to order mine
  6. got a new kimber 1911 for xmas this year its what i carry on me daily or my Hk USP
  7. SNEAK PEEK...

    im excited to see the new t s parameters
  8. 1 lvl4m2 18 black carbon cap 46530
  9. paul bunyan lookin ass

  10. SNEAK PEEK...

    well im excited to say the least