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  1. RCAs can go bad are you running the RCA pass thru one amp into the other or splitting before. Process of elimination maybe try one amp at a time then switch which pairs of speakers are connected to what amp.Will determine if its a RCA signal issue, amp issue or wiring.
  2. Your box could have loading issues , one of the pairs are wired incorrectly or it could be an amp gain problem
  3. Man that bank looks sick! theres a bunch of packs local to me and im debating making the switch. Are you running a battery isolator to separate the AGM resting voltage from sucking down the Lithium?
  4. I have 3 motors left
  5. Trunks lose sooo much pressure and the sound cancels itself out, i did a 46 on music with a box tuned to 32 with 4.4k on one 15 with port and subs back. Theres only so much you can do out of a trunk unless you turn the box around and seal it off, which in my case wouldnt work because i have a giant ass gastank between. Thats why i have a wall now lol.
  6. I was feeding my btl n2 4.4k for 3 months (in a 7.5 cube box LOL!) trying to blow it so i could recone it. It never blew i just ended up re-coning it because i needed d1's. Theyre straight beasts....
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