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  1. RCAs can go bad are you running the RCA pass thru one amp into the other or splitting before. Process of elimination maybe try one amp at a time then switch which pairs of speakers are connected to what amp.Will determine if its a RCA signal issue, amp issue or wiring.
  2. Your box could have loading issues , one of the pairs are wired incorrectly or it could be an amp gain problem
  3. Man that bank looks sick! theres a bunch of packs local to me and im debating making the switch. Are you running a battery isolator to separate the AGM resting voltage from sucking down the Lithium?
  4. I have 3 motors left
  5. We should preplan another meetup in advance on a weekend that has no local shows and hopefully have a turnout like the last one in the winter
  6. yeah.. that dude is loud.. wish he would bring it. its loud but whats more impressive is the lice infestation in the fur headliner
  7. Driving down early saturday morning, indianas dry on sundays so bring tha booze ahead of time
  8. nah they dont do neo subs but their new type r components are neo
  9. Alpines been taking a step in the right direction lately, their neo mids are great. i wonder if the new type r woofer has an alum coil now
  10. Low voltage = less power, less efficient, heat. if it gets too hot it can go into thermal or worse. I would stay 12+ and add some fans, i know my crescendo amps shut off at 8.5 volts, and my old aq3500 at around 10.5. You would notice the biggest difference adding an alt and if not add more bats to cushion your voltage
  11. Thats crazy awesome i cant imagine how you could fit 3 alts without deleting the ac, But i would definitely buy a bracket for a dual setup maybe even triple if you fabbed one up. My police package came with a stock 200 Amp which i have lying around and i got a dc 270 in the regular location. But mine is an 07 PI so it could be a little different than yours Is it kind of like this?
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