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  1. Thank you =), ZVX-8 final pics should be up here shortly, I have them coming my way tomorrow C'mon now
  2. Everyone is ready to see the basket, including Jacob. None of the parts are expected to be in his hands until late February. The 8 has yet to be finished, so asking for a timeframe on other sizes is a bit premature. Jacob has always been on top of letting his customers/fans/followers/critics know the updates as he gets them (or sees fit). That being said.... STOP ASKING FOR UPDATES AND PICTURES!!!!!!!
  3. Thank you very much. The woofer was pulled from the "Beast" and given to me by Alma many years ago.
  4. Here are pics of my Zapco PS200 and model 151 amp, approaching 30 years old. Cannot forget his big brother.
  5. He owns Elite Motorsports in Austin Texas, but overly wealthy besides that. Super cool down to earth guy, I have dealt with him many times over the years on his fleet. http://www.elitemotorsports.com/
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