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  1. lol i hope so. i hope its got atleast one decent note in the low 30's. ill demo with it all day then
  2. sooo hyped on this song right now haha. definitely testing it in the truck for sure. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBQcPpxLlCc
  3. sick man. I dont ride mountain bikes, but ive been riding BMX for about 9 years now. I ride some mountain bike trails near my house, its pretty sick to see some of the things they can do. keep at it bro biking is and awesome sport.
  4. Ihad my 2 lvl4 15's on my audiopipe 3k for almost two years. now i have four of them on 2 ap 3k's lol. I realize the audiopipe 3ks do not do rated power but they are somewhat close if anything. I think they can take the power if done properly.
  5. so sick man, i love fast ass trucks. reminds me of this truck. one of my favorites. I believe this is still with just the one turbo whats under the hood now
  6. I have all four of mine on 2 audio pipe 3ks right now. I was running just two of them on one 3k for about two years in my blowthrough. they can take the power if you do it right
  7. i had 2 and they could get stupid loud and low. I hope your ready for some mayhem with 4. yea I have been ready for all four lol.
  8. got my shipping conformation earlier today as well. I will have all four lvl4 15's in the truck soon
  9. yea I am pretty sure the truck that got pulled apart is a Chevy. the grille is a very good indicator.
  10. thats what I thought as well, but i couldn't tell so I went with it.
  11. lol yea i know. that truck was a POS. crazy video for sure haha
  12. I love my 76 f100. that was horrible. but I did LOL
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