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  1. Hey David, long time no see man. I did the DAT stuff for ya years ago remember? Unfortunately i quit my PS activitys few years ago, but i can try if i still have it in my fingers, just let me know if you still need something done.
  2. Whatsup?! It been a while posting something on smd

  3. They are just 1x4 Ohm, that 2x2 Ohm is just a marketing thing.
  4. Highland Park 18 or 21 year old, i can vote for this ones, love it.
  5. 15 Mbit is fast enough for daily usage like u discribe, 50 is kinda overkill. For the money i would say choose 15, u would be happy with it. I got a 100 up 100 down line atm, but i do a lot of downloading and got it because its pimp too
  6. Why doe s a thread about this basic pc has 9 pages already? LOL /bitching
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