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  1. I've been out of the game for a very long time but man its so freaking awesome to see Steve still going strong and still doing epic shit, The original OG big time youtuber paved the way for so many others, so happy to see you are still killing it and love how you have taken your business to such high levels. Fucking legend in the game man.
  2. When building a wall for say 2 18's is there going to be any real difference if i use 2 separate boxes one for each sub compared to using one big box if both subs end up with the exact same cubic feet and tuning? i'm not talking about how one may be easier to install or how 2 boxes will take up slightly more space etc, i am speaking purely from a volume level is there going to be any diffrence if they share a box compared to having their own identical boxes?
  3. Has anybody at xs power installed batteries into a modern bmw? This is what im hearing from various bmw forums The DME controls charging voltage on nearly all modern cars. As the battery ages, the alternator output voltage is increased by the DME to help charge an old battery. If you do not register the new battery in the DME, it can overcharge a new battery and kill it within weeks or months. I have heard lots of people run non bmw batteries without registering and have no had a problem. but others say you should not do it. i wanted 3 d3100's but im worried i might damage them.
  4. Guy local to me has 2 aa mayhem 18s for sale... was plaaning on 4 15s but these 18s will work out way cheaper and would be powerd by a pair of sundown 3500s Would be low tuned no higher than 30hz, i have had 2 15s on 2 3500s before in the trunk it got loud but you know you always want it louderm this time i want to get it done properly 1st time round and now think dam its not loud enough will 2 18s on 7k WALLED get down?
  5. How many cubes for a pair of 15" mayhem's sharing 6krms? i want loud lows tuning will be 30hz
  6. This... you have no port, just a hole....seriosly dude you need to caculate a port to tune your box, it WILL sound 100 times better. with no port your subs have pretty much no dampning what so ever, as said you just have a big leaky sealed box from the dimensions you have you have a 32 cube box. you port area is way way way to small for you box a port 10x20 and 7" deep will tune you to 30hz and you box will sound a million times better, other than that nice subs and you did a good job on the rest of the box
  7. I hear alot of guys is some big installs say its hard to breathe inside, i was just wondering what sort of system do you need to be able to do this as a bare minimun?
  8. im selling the btl and a trying diffrent set up Would running 1ohm bridged have the same drain on the amp as 2 x 0.5ohm? The amp does 3k bridged at 2ohm so running at 1 ohm would be halving the impendece, and 2 x 0.5 would be half again. does this mean the risk and current draw running bridged 1ohm is the same level of rish as running 2x0.5 A buddy of mine says class a/b amps handle lower impendences better than class d as the components in a/b amps are alreay designd for huge current draw is this true? what isit that actualy kills amps run at low impendences, isit purely fom increast cur
  9. fuck it ima try it and see if it brakes ill get it repaired and learn my lesson
  10. foe sho! i used to run a power bass 3000d before this and this kicks it butt back to china sq wise!
  11. My power supply is pretty neat as i used to run 2 orion 5000ds before, i have 3 kinetic d2400s and 300a irragi alt. at tme moment i never ever drop below 13.4v. i might try 2 x 0.66 ohm , as long as i keeep my voltage up it i should be fine?
  12. US Amps USA-3000 2 x 1500W @ 1 ohm 1 x 3000W @ 2 ohm bridged 450a external fusing Thats the one... i was thinking 2 x 0.5hmm? or evern 2 x 0.66 ohm? im running it at 2x 1ohm at the moment on a btl and it dosent get very warm! i dont really want to risk it if nobody has tried before lol
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