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  1. I havent been around in a good minute. Won a couple titles in Meca, went into debt, quit, sold everything. Now just rebuilding my finances
  2. nope. I don't really have the capability to do that. I am the opposite though, I hate screw style holders... i always liked these better. Boo. They look really good though and the price is actually quite good too. Eager to see more projects
  3. Listen, read what you just typed then remember it took you a month to ship the sub"s" From my point of view how incriminating does that look? i shipped 2. both tracking have 73 lbs on it.. even if i would have shipped one you would have received 73lbs of other shit.. dont be dense how is my post is incriminating.. its messed up im not amazon to have extra subs make me incriminating? if i had extra subs i would have shipped it to you and resolve my issue with fedex.. i only had 2 and shipped 2.. sorry i dont have extra subs laying around to ship you a replacement I was referring to the second part where you say it was likely to happen and that you waited until Thanksgiving time to start shipping them. I still would like to see pictures of the other sub because the 2 you posted are of the same sub.
  4. Listen, read what you just typed then remember it took you a month to ship the sub"s" From my point of view how incriminating does that look?
  5. Also I want to be clear. I am not accusing anyone of anything. I think something weird is going on and I want to get more opinions. Maybe some help in the situation for both sides
  6. Label 1 (missing sub) Label 2 That crate in that picture is the one that actually had a sub in it. The other one went missing
  7. Yeah its an audiosystem h spl18 Do not recommend that sub at all Im uploading pictures of shipping labels now just to prove what I received
  8. That coil is from my audio system that I had to use at the competition since the mayhems didn't get shipped
  9. Paid for 2 Mayhem 18s (paid October 28th) Asked that they get to me by December Waited the entire month of November and was told they would be shipped on Monday November 24th Waited a week still no tracking Asked what was going on said he was about to go ship them (december 1st) Get the first package, its empty Contact Miguels Get second package has a Mayhem Waiting on claim
  10. Have to save the images to read... not sure how to fix that. Link to my Photobucket if that helps any http://s204.photobucket.com/user/IH8PunkRok/library/ Conversation should say it all. Also, yes I am aware I messed up too. I never should have accepted the package once I felt it, but before anyone asks why I signed, I signed before the box was removed from the truck. I am posting this because I feel I am being jerked around and I just need to have resolution. Mods please be in contact
  11. one of my sisters old boyfriends had 2 type e 10s in his jetta pretty much the first system I ever heard. He assured me too that it could make my ears bleed. Scared me back then lol
  12. The tile in the bathroom is awesome. Also I like your use of the wood wall.
  13. Got me a pikachu n64 lol conkers bad fur day check, super Mario check, Mario kart check, ssb check, gameshark check My first console and still one of my favorites
  14. Back to what I was saying. If you mean to educate, educate without bias. Else you are just a salesman tony doesn't sell wire. Never said he did. well you called him are accusing him of educating with "bias", and calling him a salesman......while he hasn't tried to sell you one single strand of OFC. He is teaching you the difference. You are quite the annoying one tonight huh? go rest your eyeballs, it is getting late. This is super off topic, but hey, why not? He is a salesman not because of touting that only one wire should ever be bought, he is a salesman because he has influence. This influence he gained by stating other tech as inferior. AD-1 better than clamping. DD-1 better than an O-scope. This is fine, but what gets me is when it is said that these other methods are no longer even remotely correct. As if before everyone has done everything wrong in the past and if you don't do it the new way you are completely wrong and should be discredited. "oh you clamped your amp? psh" "you set your gains with an o-scope? Say bye bye to your speakers bro" Those two examples I am not attributing to anyone specific, but this is the nature of a forum. The one guy with influence leans a certain way and they all follow. Why is it bad? Economics. Better materials = more money = less interest in purchasing products = less participation in the sport = death of car audio Does anyone see why I argue now? Or am I just shouting at a wall here?
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