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  1. Hugo Chavez is out of his mind, I would NEVER disagree with that. He is one of those guys who "has good ideas" but it stops there. He was elected president and will die a dictator by using the cartels to instill fear into the Venezuelans if he is ever unelected. That is why this thread has absolutely nothing to do with Venezuela.
  2. some other videos/articles for the open minded who wish to broaden their understanding. whether or not you agree with me, these will help stimulate your mind and give you the ability to form a valid opinion on the issue. Link: Al Qaeda Flag Flying In Libya http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Vk1PNjxV5Y&feature=player_embedded Link: Support For Gaddafi
  3. I feel like some of the people, like yourself, responding to my post are the ignorant ones. Libya has the highest standard of living in Africa and one of the highest in the Middle East. A higher one than places like Russia or Brazil (as you saw in the video). The United Nations recently praised Gaddafi for his human rights within his country. I will include a link to that for you. For you to say they had no water and that they were starving makes you sound very ignorant when they do in fact have, like I said, a high standard of living. I will also share with you a link showing a video of the protestors rallying FOR Gaddafi and AGAINST the NATO strikes. Seeing as both of you are extremely closed minded as well as you are ignorant, I hope that you allow yourself to actually see another side of a story that you are unfortunately confused about. On a side note, where are the facts backing up YOUR claims? A bit on the ironic side, is it not? Pro Gaddafi Rally- UN Council Praises Libya- http://www.theblaze.com/stories/un-council-to-praise-libyas-human-rights-record/
  4. not true at all. his approval rating within his country reached 85% DURING the civil war.
  5. I am saying that he wasn't what we made him out to be. He has done some bad things, but our news companies have blown it out of proportion. **EDIT** and what I am REALLY saying is that the reasons we SAID we went to war with him and the reason that we REALLY went to war with him are two completely different things.
  6. Very informative video regarding the man that Barack Obama wrongfully helped kill. My opinion regarding Barack Obama has spun 180 degrees because of this war. I once bought into the lies regarding Libya that this country told me, but I am now a believer that every president that we will ever elect will be a sick, sick man. They can lie to us about Libya and Gaddafi in order to sponsor a war, but they won't even condemn the actions of police in the occupy protests.
  7. killing Gaddafi sounds good on paper, but if you know middle eastern history and politics than you know how pointless it is. every time a ruler has been ousted in the Middle East, a worse one has been put into place. Consistently. Every time.
  8. the first song in this video; what is it? thanks, Sam
  9. I installed those lights that the OP stated.. complete shit. they are normal bulbs with a blue coating over them and the coating basically melted my wiring harnesses. other than that they are pretty solid.
  10. Ya...like dim his lights more. The alternator has to run the car and maintain the battery. Typically, batteries draw about about 7A of current and need 13v< to charge. The flickering lights means the alternator cannot keep up and the voltage is stepping down to the battery. In case you don't know; a battery is around 12.5v and the alternator produces around 14v. When the voltage dips b/c of current demand, you're running off the battery. I don't care if you have a stock battery or 15 aftermarket batteries; the lights are still going to dim. ... To fix this issue, I'd like to know more about the OP's system and vehicle. In normal daily drivers (<1kW), a "Big 3" upgrade is a waste of time and money. A 4ga run that's <3' can carry A LOT of current with minimal voltage loss. Spending who knows how much on 1/0, connectors, loom, and a few hours doesn't make much sense if you're going to gain .1v at the back of the car. Likewise, it's probably a bad idea to toss HO alternators and whatnot at the car if the problem can be fixed by finding a better grounding point and/or turning down the gains a bit. Hell, a good cap will probably fix the problem but I'd prefer a "free" solution...wouldn't you? A big 3 upgrade can help voltage by up to 20%. there are some of the most knowledgeable people in car audio on this board, do you really think that the big 3 would be such a popular recommendation if it showed minimal results? Im not trying to be a dick but its a proven way to help voltage drop.
  11. great find! looks interesting. I wonder how it will compare to the Brutus line
  12. so all the accessories might not even fit if there are too many with the same amount of pins? =| does anybody know?
  13. so all the accessories might not even fit if there are too many with the same amount of pins? =|
  14. is your shop by any chance in/around Michigan? =| and what do you mean "attach it correctly"? how do I attach it incorrectly?
  15. so I purchased a Viper 5701 and I am getting it installed by a shop because in my case, that is the smart thing to do. I am buying the shock sensor, glass break sensor, field disturbance sensor, and tilt sensor as well. my question is this- is installing the add ons as big of a pain in the ass as installing the alarm? is it basically a plug-it-in and mount ordeal or what? I'd like to do it myself to save money if possible. thanks, Sam
  16. I use the Duplicolor bedliner you can buy at most auto parts stores and the only way I've gotten good coverage is to do several heavy coats of primer first. I take and hit the screw holes/seams with some filler, sand it, then lay on enough layers of primer that it looks like a solid cube (no seams showing, no screws, no nothing. Then do several light coats of the bed liner. what kind of primer?
  17. not to thread jack, but if you do spray on bed liner on an MDF box, do you have to prime first? and if you do, just wood primer or what?
  18. drink fluid with electrolytes and low sodium like g2 or pedialite
  19. you can buy upholstery paint at plenty of places. I know nothing about its durability thought so I'll wait for a more experienced used to chime in.
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