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  1. Great purchase. I've seeing several people with shattered grinder/cutting wheel fragments embedded in various limbs and face.
  2. It is a filter lol, check your motor mounts because that's what it sounds like to me. One way to check is to have a buddy take it from park to drive while you are watching the engine and see how much it moves when he pits it in gear. Do you notice it kind of bump or jostle when you put it in gear?
  3. Probably motor mounts
  4. Just guessing off of his previous reply probably to trap any metal particals that would otherwise be floating around in the tranny fluid
  5. I did a diy CAI on my 02 ram, but I did it because the previous owner installed a dual (2.5 or 3 inch, can't remember) exhaust and left the factory intake and it was obvious it wasn't getting enough air, so I pulled the factory air box and used 3" pvc that I painted with metallic paint to make a radiant heat barrier and routed it down to the fog light hole (didn't have fogs) put a big cone filter on it with a mesh screen in front of it and shielded it from the road grime in the bottom, greatly increased performance and fuel economy (when I stayed out of it lol) But i agree just slapping a cone filter under the hood you will fuck yourself
  6. Why spend 55 on shoes from the flea market that usually hurt your feet when you could go to any decent show store and pick up a pair or comfortable new balances for 60?
  7. Edit: and on that note, what's hot right now as far as components in the 100-120 range, I haven't shopped audio in over 3-4 years. Also might look at a 4 channel too, nothing crazy, or a 5 channel and add an 8 or 10 or something to round out the bottom end
  8. Factory door speakers just went out makes me happy because I have an excuse to start upgrading the audio on my car now LOL have to justify it to the wife
  9. Yuengling finally came to Indiana! I had never had it but I had only heard good things. It's only in bars on draft right now. But it's easily my new favorite beer. Should be retail by April!
  10. Holy fuck! What the fuck happened? I'd be taking my ass to harbor freight and buying a genny
  11. So something that has apparently affected a couple thousand android users across multiple devices and various update versions today is when using voice to text you would get the following problem Testing 1 2 3 testing one two three tasting 123 tasting one two three Devin 123 Basically it would hear the one string then put every possible version it heard. After several hours of reading on android central and trying multiple things I found something that worked for me. I'm on an s7 edge android 7.0 all apps updated. When you hit the microphone to use voice to text hit your settings wheel, go to languages, then unselect english, reselect english and hit save. It fixed mine. I am attaching a couple of pic to show where I went
  12. If those are the three exact trucksame I like them in the order you posted them, this just a daily type truck or what are your plans for it because that might affect what I would pick lol
  13. From friends I know that have it seems like it's either a love it or a hate it in appendix, I didn't know they had grey that will be tight