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  1. Picked up a 55inch 4k smart TV, Walmart special so not super fancy but I am enjoying the upgrade from a 32unch 720p tv for sure
  2. Are you pumping liquid o2 into the first one? And welcome back btw!
  3. SMD what are you Drinking thread

    Had the new sam Adams '76 yesterday morning after work yesterday morning, I'll be going back for more in two hours lol, been drinking a new whiskey out of a company in Indy lately called west fork whiskey co. Called The Colonel. It's a wonderful $35 whiskey. Had some blue raspberry svedka and diet dew the other day too, kind of similar to Baja blast. I drink a lot lately...
  4. Wal-Mart trail cameras are good, have built in IR, are camo for concealment normally, and they are cheap battery powered options
  5. Road sides, meth houses, nursing homes, structure fires, old people lifting assistance, etc etc. Can't lost pics, you know, HIPPA, but I'm an EMT on a 911 ambulance.
  6. Have walking pneumonia, Dr kicked me off the ambu for 3 days
  7. Fuck Kyle, sorry to hear that bro. I'll have an extra tonight in memorandum. Chin up bro
  8. I probably missed it, I know you did headers, do you plan to do anything exhaust wise past that for performance and/or exhaust note?