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  1. This. X1000, we have families to get home to. That's why I just shut roads down with the ambu. Fuck it. My life isn't worth some dumb ass in a hurry
  2. Let's be honest, we both know the cat knocked that shit off lol. My cat got wax from a wax warmer on him, didn't burn him but that was a bitch to clean out of his hair
  3. most of them dont actually have bubbles, we have a couple on purdues campus, the "bubbles" are i think a tapicao pearl that is sweetened, they are pretty good, we dont have crazy lines here and ours is cheaper than starbucks but we are a smaller area than oregon is lol. if you like tea and have one near you it would be worth it to try
  4. and send it you did lol, i wasnt caught up on the RPP and i just came across this lol
  5. Ahmed, get out of that part of the internet lol.
  6. Holy shit...thats crazy. Amazing collection.
  7. Can't work or won't work? I think you were misdiagnosed, sounds like an acute case of vaginitis
  8. I was going to ask who it was because they are obviously a very eccletic collector. I'd be curious to see the whole collection. I'm sure he has some serious cars
  9. Finding another hobby that is expensive as fuck but really want to try it. Blacksmithing. Don't get me wrong, you can get into it kind of cheap, but holy shit some stuff is expensive. But I mean, car audio, guns, blacksmithing, woodworking, if I wanted to do all of them like I wanted to i would have to work so much I wouldn't have time to do any of them lol
  10. Hey if it's stupid and it works it ain't stupid lol
  11. Fuck, the way those subs look they should all be acrylic enclosures, then you got and bust out some sick wood working and it's like well fuck don't stop building those Maybe you need windows in all of your boxes to retain the workmanship in the enclosure and show off the sub lol
  12. If the serial numbers were off I doubt they would have been able to contact lt to tell him they found it
  13. So, my stepdad has worked for the same farmer 27 years. The guys son also works on the farm, and he is a fuck stick. Do to his many fuckups he mostly handles the business side. My stepdad handles the operations, and the old guy is the old guy lol. So one of the sons fuck ups, he managed to bury an articulating tractor...to the fucking axles. Front and rear. I think it was a JD 9620. They had to have a crane come out to get it out. Some of his other crap, ripped the auger off a combine, dragged a grain trailer two miles to a field with the brakes locked, got loaded up, and dragged the mother fucked back, also overfilled a top dry bin multiple times. He's an idiot lol.