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  1. I don't even think this is illegal in Indiana lol, I've seen cars no windows on 4 donuts dumped straight off the header not get stopped lol
  2. Story of my life on the ambulance, I try to just not eat or shit at work lol, it's easier that way, if we get something hot, guaranteed a run, get something that needs to stay cold...run. the only safe time to shit is if we are not back in service from dropping a patient off at the ER lol.
  3. Zero...zwro fucks given in Russia
  4. Fuck yea that would be bad ass
  5. Lemon law that shit man, tell your wife your the man, your the one who fixes the shit, your getting something else
  6. Never seen that commercial but it looks hilarious, that is epic lol
  7. From what I have seen it's a Japanese style thing
  8. Those eyes man, fucking crazy eyes, you can always tell
  9. They seem legit, they were very helpful and responsive in emails. I was happy with their service, shipped fast and well packaged
  10. It was, are you familiar with then?
  11. Must be the week broke, I got a code last week, got a hold of some grand prix company in Michigan that does all kinds of custom stuff for grand prixs, they said it pointed to a common point of failure in these cars, the supercharger bypass valve, so I ordered one from them because Napa and autozone don't carry it. Easy 10 minute replacement. Code came back on, it's actually the sensor there. That I can't find anywhere. I don't want to have to go straight from gm if they even have it. Fucking sucks
  12. I'm going to be a first-time father on or around January 28th
  13. People that treat poor innocent animals this way need to be dragged behind a truck until death. That is a beautiful little pup, hope he has a speedy recovery. Hella good work steve
  14. Pro tip for next time, cleanse with hydrogen peroxide and super glue shut, it will burn but it's cheap and easy, regular super glue is one molecule different than surgical glue, only difference is regular super glue gives off some heat as it cures where surg glue doesn't because it can damage insides, but for external cuts it's great, plus it seals it completely. Whether he is talking about the great stuff or some other fire block foam, it probably wouldn't matter anyway as hot as lithium burns, it might choke out the oxygen but I would bet the heat from the reaction would melt right through that shit and turn into a fireball real quick