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  1. That didn't take long lol
  2. Forgot about the mpx...and wtf would rhino do that for? That's some bull.
  3. Oh and the zenith mp5 looks kick ass too. https://zenithfirearms.com/product/z-5rs-pistol/
  4. I don't think you are much of a revolver guy but the chiappa rhinos are pretty slick, the new smith and Wesson m&p 2.0 looks nice, could do 9mm with a can, also the new alien gear shape shift holster kit is bad ass my buddy just got one for his xds and I would say it's a hell if a value and has some slick features. FN five seven? I'm pretty much just listing the shit I like at this point lol.
  5. Another way to tell if it doesn't have an arrow is the side of the cluster the gauge is on
  6. I take so much joy in my job when I see the college freshman at the local Wal-Mart with their parents all neat and nice, and I'm like bitch, I'll see you at 3 am when your slut 'friends' leave your drunk ass passed out on a sidewalk lol.
  7. Fucking chiraq (chicago + iraq) man, y'all need full on armored vehicles up there. Have they just started using IED's on each other yet?
  8. That poor poor 300zx. Such a shame
  9. I didn't find it nearly as bad as my partner thought I would, I'm a big guy though, deprime and size only took about as much for as using a wall mount can crusher if not less, he trimmed the ones that needed trimmed, deburring them by hand sucked because he was having me use this little cone thing that I had a hard time holding in my big hands lol. This is the first loading I've ever done so doing it a step a time lets me learn more detailed. Depriming and sizing only took me about 45 minutes for 150 rnds just sitting and watching tv. I put all the brass in a big Ziploc and lubed them all so I didn't have to stop to lube them every few rounds
  10. Holy cow he is exploding in size! He's going to be a big boy
  11. I'm working on unpacking from moving, been slowly processing brass to go reload at my ambulance partners house, he has a Lee handpress I have been using to process my 308 brass, working on getting some steel and making some permanent fixtures out where I shoot
  12. I don't even think this is illegal in Indiana lol, I've seen cars no windows on 4 donuts dumped straight off the header not get stopped lol
  13. Story of my life on the ambulance, I try to just not eat or shit at work lol, it's easier that way, if we get something hot, guaranteed a run, get something that needs to stay cold...run. the only safe time to shit is if we are not back in service from dropping a patient off at the ER lol.