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  1. If those are the three exact trucksame I like them in the order you posted them, this just a daily type truck or what are your plans for it because that might affect what I would pick lol
  2. From friends I know that have it seems like it's either a love it or a hate it in appendix, I didn't know they had grey that will be tight
  3. Which caliber? Fde or black? My buddy has an xds9 it shoots quite nicely
  4. If I ever build a pc I want to build a open wall mount system. They are so badass looking
  5. Did anyone else see the ufo fly by on the scene on top of the junk pile? Apparently it's an Easter egg nod to the writer joking that the zombie outbreak was caused by aliens
  6. They need an army of winslow's to fight the saviors
  7. I used idealshake for a little while, it was pretty good. Very well rounded nutrion too. I just got some BCAA and some mct oil to help supplement the keto, low carb diet I'm on from GNC. I've lost at least forty in the last 30 days, but I have been near a scale for over a week so I'm not sure how much more I have lost.
  8. Aero had dedicated suppressed uppers now. http://aeroprecisionusa.com/ap/m4e1-sd/
  9. Fuck that is a lot of lights, are those all Y/W within each individual housing? I like you they will go steady burn white for scene lights. What brand are they?
  10. I think I kind of knew that to some extent. I knew you lived in indiana for a while
  11. But you will die happy and full. A second best to dying while fucking.
  12. So based on these two posts you are driving a car that is technically totalled by your state and literally has zero value. How in the fuck do you have insurance? And doesnt cali have inspections? How the hell are you passing those?