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  1. Oh I bet it will still be, that white intercooler popping through the grill is going to be an oh fuck moment when people in the know realize what they are seeing
  2. Fuck. This is going to be fucking nasty. And all black and white. Man, you have always done shit the right way, and this looks to be no exception. I've seen you some cool stuff the last 9 years I have been here, but this, this is by far the baddest.
  3. No Link? Come on now, share the wealth
  4. What in the good golly fuck?
  5. Note 8 with black otterbox and zagg glass. Hard to take a pic since it's what I'm using...
  6. I have it from the ambulance siren, only a little bit so far, but I have 30 years of it ahead of me.
  7. That looks oddly expensive, like it's unique enough that it costs a shit load
  8. That didn't take long lol