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  1. Like the title says its a viair 480c compressor! it hasn't been used much and still works perfectly but its not pretty! Looking for $150 plus shipping!
  2. Fosgate prime 1000 1000rms at 2ohms... Pm me for details
  3. Update... ugpbmx is finishing up the ipad bezel! It should be installed tomorrow!
  4. The ipad bezel in under construction now! Hopefully that'll be done soon then we can get the big 3 and batteries in!
  5. So got the mids in and playing! Next week is the ipad in the dash, then batteries then i get to build panels covering everything in the trunk we got in it hard a little today to get a video but it does have some major voltage drop! Ive got to say the ph4000md does work!!!
  6. This is a friend of mine! Me and Paul (ugpbmx) tag teamed the hell outta this thing lol! Box is 3/4" birch 6.5 cubes tuned in the 33hrz area built in the trunk by Paul (ugpbmx) Subs are American Bass XFL 15"s Bass Amp is the American Bass ph4000md Mids are powerbass 4xl (maybe switching out) Mids amp power bass 400.4 It is playing but havent gotten pictures it was to late lol! more pictures and videos tomorrow!
  7. i throw a coat of resin on sand it down en your good to go from there! easiest way imo!
  8. Selling these 2 memphis line drivers both work perfectly swapping out to a 6 channel line-driver so dont need these! Looking for $45 shipped firm! one has a couple of small rust spots on the face the other is damn near flawless
  9. Not a big hardbody fan but they look raw body dropped! Stairs thing is stupid clean! Idk about that little tank tho lol!
  10. bagged lays frame 8gallon tank 2 compressors cando specialties control arms fiberglass doors (5 speakers each door) currently at my mechanic its been sitting a year so its getting full tune up new exhaust and fuel system clean! picking it up from the mechanic monday hopefully then a lot of for will be done =D
  11. Coming back - 2 102ah c&d batteries in the trunk - 2 75ah discovery batteries under the hood - 220amp alt (on the way) - 0g wire (on the way) - Rockford t1 - modding old band pass to be a 3:1 for the t1 for now - Audiopipe ap3000.1D (running 1 channel at 2ohms) - new sub idk yet maybe pair of xfls - 20" spokes to cruise on Outside the new shop =D Were getting ready for the trip to sbn not gonna enter but some bumpin down the streets =D
  12. My Brother Backed into a 2011 Cadillac CTS With His Walled Van But Over All We Loved it LOL
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