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  1. I purchased both of the warhorses and this experience was great. Fast shipping and great communication. Thank you again
  2. Hmmm... Donald needs a free set to show SoCal how they sound. Just my 2 centsLol hell yeah!! lol
  3. you know i need a pair since my doors are built perfect for them right? lol They'd sound amazing in my pods!!!
  4. So i assume when you get tired of them I'll be the first one to get them right? :-) Beautiful woofers manman
  5. Yeah guys im good friends with the shop owner. Told him that there are a bunch of bassheads in socal and the local Los Angeles/ South Bay area that would like to meet each other and show of their systems a little as well as possibly find a new shop home. He said he be willing to stay after he closes (5-7) to allow us that time. He would love to do a show but the location is not ideal because there is a neighborhood store directly next door and they would hate him and it lol. Just come through have fun and be as respectuful to them with our music as we can......in other words dont aim the high 40's to high 50's vehicle directly at the store and wang full tilt LOL. This should be alot of fun. I look forward to meeting those of you who I dont know already. Hopefully I can get the Burb up and playing again sooner than later
  6. Hit me up......before we all stopped playing..top drag team right here :-) gamertag xETFx PORK FACE...I'm about to start back playing....we have some guys that are on the top of x and r1 classes as well in grip
  7. I'll be at 310 tomorrow if yall want to swing by....Just have Hunter hit me up
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