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  1. F/S is my DC Power 270xp Cased for 01 Ram 1500 3.9 v6 Asking $350 Shipped to Con. US I used this in my old ram build (log is here, link in sig). Jan of 2018 I sold the truck it was in, and took the alternator out. It's been sitting in my closet for over a year now. Alternator worked flawlessly for the period I had it installed, had absolutely no issues. I held on to it for a while in hopes of recasing it to a newer vehicle, but that's now out of the question. 20190420_104603 20190420_104547 20190420_104517 20190420_104504 Priced to move; Someone put this to good use!
  2. Interesting. This makes me think that maybe resonant frequency of the panels of the box could also have something to do with this.. If the panels are thin, wouldn't that technically have a higher res. freq. and cause some nasty sounds? That's really odd. Only the vertical bracing removal saw an increase in scores. I wonder if that could possibly do with air flow within the box. Was it a flat wall? Or was it an internally baffled box like a 4th/6th?
  3. That's another point. Barring it being a functional part of the port, does baffle thickness serve a purpose other than stiffening the mounting surface? Normally, from what I've seen in my 8+years of being on here and going to shows, it seems like baffle thickness (again, when it's not a functioning part of the port) is usually built thicker to supplement rigidity and stiffness for mounting very heavy woofers. I've seen baskets come apart and split due to baffle flex in conjuction with a 70lb motor mounted on a vertical surface. So again, if one could adequately brace a box, baffle included, to reduce panel flex to nothing, would the super thick baffles be necessary? My intuition tells me that thickness is important to some degree of the acoustic integrity of the box BUT that's a completely unfounded thought; I don't have an engineering/acoustics/physics background to base it off of. Does anyone here know of someone who's tried building a box with single layers but more bracing?
  4. Originally the title of this thread had "stiffness" instead of "bracing", but, you know. So here's something that I've been mulling around in my head the past few weeks, but I can't seem to find a definitive answer to. Maybe someone more knowledgeable than me can chime in. Is wall stiffness more important than wall thickness when building a box? In other words, when we build enclosures for larger sized sub stages, are the multi-layered walls adding to some type of acoustic characteristic aside from stiffness, or is it just solely for the purpose of stiffness? Obviously a box needs to be as stiff as possible to detract from panel flex which ultimately leads to colored sound/loss of output/damaged equipment, but is wall thickness improving another acoustic area of enclosure performance? TL;DR: Here's a scenario to help clarify what I'm talking about: Let's say, hypothetically, a user wanted a set up with something like 4 hefty 18's in a flat wall. Could they, given proper bracing that eliminates all panel flex, build an entirely single layered enclosure? Would this enclosure be as acoustically sound as a counterpart with the same stiffness, but thicker walls in lieu of bracing? Let's hear what you guys have to say. I'm in not a box builder in any way, and this question has been bugging me for a while now.
  5. Anyone else got some names of american designed and/or made amp companies?
  6. whoops, ill fix that asap. thanks guys! Changed it to just single answer. I appreciate all the input on this! Now, of all the companies out there in the enthusiast scene (american made or not), what draws you to a specific company over another? For me I've always felt that if the product isn't vastly overrated/lying about output, customer service is #1 on my list.
  7. Hey guys! I'm currently taking a business class as I work on my EE degree (hoping to start up an amp business later on), and I have to do some market research. I'm hoping you all here can chime in with some knowledge on the industry. How many american designers/manufacturers of car audio amplifiers are still around? I know of Zed, D'amore, Mmats (rockford I think as well) and a few others, but I'm curious as to how many are out there. Do most companies source their manufacturing overseas with their own american designs? Are there folks still designing and manufacturing here in the US? As for the consumers, do most of you on this board (or folks you know) try to buy American whenever possible? Is it even an important factor in your purchases? Does the country of origin even sway your purchases? I was hoping this could be an open discussion on the topic. Also, if you'd like (it'd be a huge help with the class) I made a 10 question yes/no survey on the topic. It's really quick to finish. You don't have to take it if you don't want, but TIA if you do! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8PBWZPG Thanks for your guys input!
  8. Gotta go with a classic first. Lots of folks dont like Dimmu but I do. This one's pretty fun to listen to, especially when you've got a real big substage. Been a huge JFAC fan since highschool, and sun eater was an amazing album. Probably some of their best work thus far. also bdm is the shit also this
  9. So I just got into Bass fishing recently, and I love it. I live about 10 minutes from a reservoir out here in Socal (lake perris) and try to go as much as possible. I was curious as to whether or not there were any other Bass fishing guys on the boards, and what they throw in the different seasons.
  10. Here a recap video I put together for a show we had last weekend. Had a nice turnout, and was hot as fuck. Either way it was a good show! If you guys like my videos, check out my channel for more stuff like it.
  11. Here's another video I put together for last weekends meetup in San Diego. No effects or crazy edits, just a nice short little compilation. Hope you guys enjoy! Check out my channel for lots of other videos like this.
  12. Just bought a re-coned Cascade Designs Omega 15 off a friend, was wondering if any folks that have been in the game for a while remember anything about the company. I know they disappeared a good while back, but what exactly happened to them? How were their products? I can't seem to find too much on em through google. This woofer looks pretty beefy even by today's standards, so I'm kinda curious about the company.
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