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  1. Gotta go with a classic first. Lots of folks dont like Dimmu but I do. This one's pretty fun to listen to, especially when you've got a real big substage. Been a huge JFAC fan since highschool, and sun eater was an amazing album. Probably some of their best work thus far. also bdm is the shit also this
  2. So I just got into Bass fishing recently, and I love it. I live about 10 minutes from a reservoir out here in Socal (lake perris) and try to go as much as possible. I was curious as to whether or not there were any other Bass fishing guys on the boards, and what they throw in the different seasons.
  3. Here a recap video I put together for a show we had last weekend. Had a nice turnout, and was hot as fuck. Either way it was a good show! If you guys like my videos, check out my channel for more stuff like it.
  4. Here's another video I put together for last weekends meetup in San Diego. No effects or crazy edits, just a nice short little compilation. Hope you guys enjoy! Check out my channel for lots of other videos like this.
  5. Cascade Designs?

    Just bought a re-coned Cascade Designs Omega 15 off a friend, was wondering if any folks that have been in the game for a while remember anything about the company. I know they disappeared a good while back, but what exactly happened to them? How were their products? I can't seem to find too much on em through google. This woofer looks pretty beefy even by today's standards, so I'm kinda curious about the company.
  6. gorgeous install! I love the mechman intro as well.
  7. T shaped truck box?

    Bump. Any other box builders have any suggestions/objections about this?
  8. gimme a sec EDIT: just asked the sales director, waiting for him to get back to me. BUT iirc there isn't a difference, but I'll wait for him to let me know.
  9. T shaped truck box?

    I see what you're saying, thanks. That does make sense. Hopefully someone who has experience with this type of box design can chime in!
  10. T shaped truck box?

    I'm not too concerned about stuff getting dropped into the port, but I never really thought about the port orientation in regards to the sub mounting plane. Does this make a big difference?
  11. T shaped truck box?

    Probably some lower end CT Sounds 12's, something that would fit in a sub ~6 inch mounting depth. Was just wondering if the design would actually work well and not have loading issues.
  12. T shaped truck box?

    Always been curious about this kind of design. Box builders, do you see any issues arising with a box designed like this? I don't know much about enclosure design. Would there be loading issues? I checked around the site and google as well, but didn't come up with much to reference. Thanks! EDIT: It would be a combination of a behind the seat box and a center console box, for single cab trucks.
  13. well, the whole goal was to get more folks to report, and hopefully steve so he could possibly file a copyright claim which I guarantee youtube will pay FAR more attention to.
  14. Don't know how to get a hold of Steve personally, so hopefully this will reach him or someone who can. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8X1XHv7TzBvf4lahRYXF_Q Looks like the guy is re-uploading Steve's videos, alongside Doug at Soundman and also some CT sounds videos. Not sure if they have permission (highly doubt it). Wouldn't wanna see this guy garner any ad revenue over shit they didn't make.
  15. Here's another video I've put together for a local guy and friend of mine. Team CT Sounds Landon's 4 Runner. He's already ripped this system out in preparation for an even BIGGER build, but what you see here consists of: (6) Meso 15's (2) Team 7k's (2) XS Power D3100 (2) XS Power XP3000 Sky High Wire Lots more I can't remember. Hope you all enjoy!