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  1. I use 18g 1.5" brads on an air finishing nailer. Space out roughly 4". No need for pre-drilling. Works great.
  2. I'd imagine 3.5-4 net would be safe here. I like their recones for btl's over stock. Assuming he did roughly the same for you as he did for me. On rated I'm sure around 4cft net would be good. If overpowering a bit then I'd go a hair smaller. I'd start big and go smaller if you need to. Such as if they're bottoming out or over-excurting. They should be fine though. They're tough.
  3. Yea it was def an experience, shot maybe 18 shots in a couple hours time lol. Shoot a couple, clean, wait for the range officer to let us get our targets, shoot again etc. Here's the gun, not sure of exact make and model. .50 caliber balls, we loaded the powder to 90 grains. The guns max was 120g. 50 yards out, resting the barrel on a sandbag. The smoke wasn't too bad honestly. The stock kindve hurt though because it has metal on the end of it. Thought I did alright. Wasn't able to see my shots until we switched targets cuz we forgot binoculars.
  4. That's good, he says they go up to .80 but we wouldn't be shooting anything that big. Going more for the experience. He said you have to clean out the barrel after like 3 shots lol talk about old school.
  5. I honestly don't recall, I want to say .40-.50 but don't quote me. I will be sure to take some pics! Thankfully I'm right handed lol.
  6. Going to shoot an old black powder rifle today, never have before. Should be interesting! If I finish in time I'm going to get some Trijicon HD Night Sights installed on my g19
  7. That was also a top 3 contender for her to try out. I'm just hoping she likes the 9mm better so we can use the same ammo. I've read reviews and people say the 938 doesn't have much more recoil than the 238. I am going to have her try both though. If that rainbow version is available locally then maybe, she actually likes this one a lot when we saw it in person. http://www.sigsauer.com/CatalogProductDetails/p238-scorpion.aspx If she got that I might have to get the sig 1911 Scorpion to match lol http://www.sigsauer.com/CatalogProductDetails/1911-scorpion.aspx
  8. Lol, a Taurus isn't really on my top brands to buy from. I'm willing to spend the money on a proven brand for her. Even if that means spending more for her gun then my own. But it would look cute in her baby hands haha
  9. Shot the Glock 34 today, much prefer it over the G35. Shot pretty well with it, even moreso when I shot fast, I was able to get on Target quick. Also shot a little baby Sig Sauer P938. I was pretty impressed to say the least. I am looking for a gun for my gf and this might be a top contender. Just have to get her to try it. Hogue grips made it very comfortable. Shot great!
  10. Yea honestly the G30 felt very light in recoil. It's basically a compact size because its just a hair shorter than my g19. The 10 round mag is pretty much a grip extender, the 9 round makes it more like a 2 finger grip which sucks. I'd bet the larger .45 would be even more comfortable. I'd much rather shoot the .45 over a .40. Too bad they don't make a competition size .45 Your right, shot placement is key. I put my name on a call list for the g34. Might rent a g35 today just to make certain that it's not what I want.
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