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  1. I hope they pick some of my newer vids when I get them up... I got a new digital HD camcorder to play with so my vids will now be in full 1080p @ 30 FPS, or full 720P @ 60 FPS...
  2. Well I'm one of the latest to be invited to this club... LOL When I got up Sunday morning I had 2 emails from YouTube requesting me to apply for the Ad Revenue Sharing. The only thing I had to do was create a Goggle AdSense account. We'll see how this turns out... LoL Here's my YouTube channel: TritonBoulder47 And here are the two videos that they are showing ads for with: I know steve probably has this, but anyone else a part of this...? If so, what are you seeing in "revenue"...?
  3. I can't even remember my Myspace password and it's only been 3 weeks. haha People still use MySpace...?
  4. This is exactly what I suggested earlier... In some cases the wires are backwards and you have to flip them...
  5. My opinion is that STL is JUNK... I've never heard anything good about them, but I also don't have any personal experience with then either. Good luck... Here's what my Avalanche currently looks like from the front... Here's what I have: -Whelen 9622 Custom Edge Lightbar --12 strobes, Take Down Lights, Alley Lights, Rear Flashers, Rear Work Lights (that come on with the reverse lights) -Whelen Inner Beams (upper windshield) -Whelen 700 Series Linear LED heads (behind the grill) -Street Glow 12" LED tubes (between the tailgate and bumper) Whelen ULF-44 LED Flasher (Controlling the Inner Beams, 700s and the 2 LED tubes)
  6. Try http://www.arklamisslights.com Hes a friend of mine on the emergency services forum I'm on...
  7. I've been a 911 Dispatcher for over 7 years now and I love every minute of it... I've always been into emergency services and this just fits great... And I'll definetely agree with z71kris, dispatch it a carrer where as security is more of a job...
  8. There are rules to the forum... You should read them before posting...
  9. Here's what I have on my '03 Avalanche... MagnaFlow 2.5 inlet, 4" outlet slash cut tips...
  10. Yes they are... I've had them on my Av for about a month... Just about zero streaking compaired to regular blades... I'll be stucking with these bad boys...
  11. Pay what ever he tells you... You're the jack ass that took his plate off... You're lucky you didn't get an ass beating...
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