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  1. Guessed it on the second go round but not good enough. Good job ross
  2. so went and got it done. My wife loves it. Glad my artist was able to come up with something alittle different. Will have to post pics alittle later.
  3. well i called my tattoo artist today and got him working on it for her. I head out tomorrow to get 3 more pieces done myself. She is going with me for the night, not knowing shes getting it. So after im done we will be putting her in the hot seat. Hope she likes it as a bit of an early xmas gift. Cant wait to see how she reacts.
  4. Yea i agree on his work, ive seen alot of nice shit come from him. I am swinging by the studio this afternoon and seeing if my guy has the time to throw something together.
  5. If there are any artist out there willing to help me it would be greatly appreciated. Well my wife has always wanted an owl tattoo. Something girly. Well we saw an old episode of LA Ink the other day and Corey tattooed Amy and my wife loved that tattoo. Well i would love to give her this for a xmas gift but dont have the skills to draw one up. So if anyone can draw something similar to this without copying, i would owe you a huge favor. Please someone help me? Images off of LA Ink:
  6. Would like the get on my level on a cap Thats all up to Rusty and the DC guys. I would rock it on a fitted cap as well.
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