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  1. zapco REF amps, treo SSX subs, Hertz MLK speakers, 2x deka's, few other things if there is anything left. wouldnt mind some custom doors for 2x sets of MLK's
  2. do you have the grounding issue with the amp? ill keep that in mind. fixed link.
  3. hello SMD im in need of a design. i want to do a single 12 in a sealed box. its going to be for a home theater project. Its gonna fit a single 12 infinity kappa perfect and a dayton 240 watt amp. Sub needs about 1 cube and the amp displacement is 8.5 x 8.5 x ??? not sure on the depth, parts express says its 5 inches deep, but not sure if that is the whole item (heat sink fins and all) here is the one im looking at : http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=300-804 i would like to do a down fire with the plate amp on the back. thanks.
  4. i like to change it up im telling ya, you need to come see it lol.
  5. it sounds a bit louder than before, and hits the lows just like the box before. its gonna need some time for me to say anything fo sho. we'll see how long the tape lasts. im really digging the flush mount though.
  6. i deleted our mesages, but i wanna say 5 cubes at 31 hertz .... or it was 33. ill have to get back with him.
  7. penetration. duck tape FTW duck tape bottom both in and installed yeah, now i got room for food, its the little things in life 8ga. speaker wire !! F***
  8. so i decided it was time for a new box, change it up. seemed like a good idea. so this is the type of box i wanted: contracted out someone on another forum for $20 for the design. the port cut log so my normal hookup with tools decided not to call be back ... ever. so i took out an add on craigslist, it panned out so im happy bout that. $170. finished product: grid patter double baffle, i thought it was neat primed it, 2 cans of black $.97 each (home depot) more of the same i tried to use this stuff, suppose to give a rubber like texture. i applied it to the bottom but it didn't seem to work out, i dont know. taped it off cause i only wanted it on the bottom. then i hit it with a can of rustolium (?) texture paint, its pretty sweet. may03lt did it, it was sweet on his, so i decided to do it. i think i did ok for the first time using a spray can. fits like a glove then i find this awesome-ness. i have no idea how it happened, but it did. i need to contact ssackett or treo or team psi figure out how much its gonna be bottom has a bunch of scratches
  9. i already got my headphones, now need an amp for more power! (but no monies )
  10. 3200 wrms at 2 ohms. sounds good to me. i know ive heard a lot of good things about Hifonics XX and XXV series
  11. sorry for the old thread, but yesterday went to go see the movie "the book of eli" with denzel washington. and he was using Beats by Dr. Dre.
  12. ah man its some good suff. i wanna say i saw your vid the other day some good stuff there. ive only heard IA a few times, i wanna say ive heard 2x of their lowest end, the $100 subs, and ive heard the 21" once. OP needs to look at some stuff other than kicker, i know he loves kicker, .... sorry i should say he likes kicker, lol. i too enjoy the cvr, but there is some good chit out there just need to listen to some stuff. cough TREO cough cough
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