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  1. Hair trick? SPL?

    1. Don't do it for the hairtricks on that power level or cone area. (depends on your definition of a hairtrick I guess) 2. Build it to be enjoyed by YOU. Not look cool for someone on the internet watching a video. 3. And guessing numbers is a literal shot in the dark. It could do a 150, it could do a 147, or it could do a 153. Depends on too many things to count.
  2. Why no highs?

    1. tuning isnt where the box will peak in a vehicle due to cabin gain 2. big subs can sound as good as any, it comes down to the box 99% of the time. A bad box will make a great sub perform poorly, and a good box can make a bad sub perform pretty well. Sounds like the box itself might just not be a good fit for the sub or vehicle.
  3. Looking for hefty amp for 4 15's?

    Gain is not a volume knob. It used "match" two things together. 10% gain isnt 10% amplifier power. In once case 10% gain could be the perfect setting to get 5000w out of a 5000w amp, or in another case 10% would get you 1250w from a 5000w amp. It depends on the preout voltage from the radio being sent to the amplifier.
  4. Tips on building a wall

    Might want to double check those dimensions. 2240mm is really really big for being an inside vehicle dimension. And whether you can make a single 2 15's box, then make another and stack them depends on the vehicle. With a cavalier you might have to build within the vehicle to get enough volume. As another option, you could build the 4 15's wall and plug 2 of the holes, but you just couldnt run the 2 15's hard because they would be in a huge box (therefore it wouldnt take much power to overdrive them), but you would still get some decent bass to hold you over if you have some control.
  5. Tips on building a wall

    Firstly, a full wall for 2 15's is basically pointless. I would rock a 2 15's slide in box (meaning a box you can take in and out without much effort where as a wall will be bolted to the floor for safety) then build the wall when getting the other 2. To make a wall that only 2 15's go in would be basically 2 stacked 2 15's boxes anyway trimmed out to look like a wall. (which has been done successfully, 2 identical boxes bolted together). The tuning and cubic "footage" of a wall is the same as a ported box (as long as it is a standard ported box). Per 15 you generally want 3-3.5 cubic feet after displacement, and port area is kinda depending on what style of music or goals you have for it as well as power applied to them. This is a great place to start, many many many members here like myself have built multiple walls with our own bare hands, and had our screw ups as well as epiphany moments. If you want to add more detail to your questions or even give us a vehicle model, or better yet, max dimensions, we could probably help with a possible design as well as a good way to try and tackle building it (tools, tricks, tips, etc.) Welcome to the forum btw.
  6. If you mean like this... Yes it will work, but I personally would also have a wire from the alt + to the battery +
  7. Well, that's the issue. Measuring frequency levels of a song wont help in the end. Most of the EQing that needs to be done to make a system play flat needs to be done with an RTA to adjust the sound in the cabin of the vehicle where it will be heard.
  8. matching amplifiers phase

    Being a person who has ran multiple sets of brazilian amps with no phase dial or button, they have always been perfectly in phase. I did the whole low power trick with reversing the leads on 1 coil and it was dead still.
  9. Question about door pods

    If the material is wrapped around the edge, it wont pop off. But ANYWHERE resin contacts OEM plastics, sand it if possible, or even put tiny holes to let the resin grab into, because resin wont adhere to smooth surfaces. It will seem like it, but any twisting or anything (which happens as you drive around and the vehicle twists a bit) it will separate.
  10. Question about door pods

    Hot glue sucks most of the time in my experience other than just stabilizing, for adding real strength (fleece and resin then fiberglass). It "sticks" but any real side pressure it pops off, for better adhesion, sanding a bit with epoxy (ca glue) works pretty well.
  11. Enclosure opinion

    I second the 4+ cubes net for a Soundqubed 15. Mine personally loved being in a little over 5 cubes even which is very large for a 15.
  12. Every update you post gives me a semi-chub. WORK FASTER BRO! Looks good. Can't wait to see more.
  13. My audiopipe is out burping my ct sounds?

    Either the amp is blown (or malfunctioning) or that amp should literally stomp the shit out of that 1500. If the gains are set correctly and everything is wired right, of course (double check everything no matter how trivial). edit: and if you electrical can only handle 1500w, putting a 7000w amp on the same electrical will yield about the same results. So just make sure you have like a high output alt and a few batteries to feed the 7k.
  14. Wiring

    Even though there are 2 + and 2 -, they are connected internally, so think of it as 1 + and 1 - with 2 holes for each. But to tell you how to wire it, we would probably need pics of the wires that were pulled out and how it was set up. But generally, you will have dark (grey or black) wires which goes to the - terminal, and lighter/colorful (blue, orange, red) that go to the +.