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  1. There is a rule of thumb you can use... Iv used this rule of thumb for a while and ran as much as 24kw. You will see in the real world you can get away with doing different, but as a starting point, it works. 100a of alternator for every 2000w, so you are good there, 300a of alt for 6000w. 100ah of battery for every 2000w, so you want to shoot for a good manufactured battery and about 300ah.
  2. How much power are you looking for? Look up CT Sounds. They typically have sales/discounts running and amps are proven to do rated power as well as being great value.
  3. I don't mean to pick, but what are you asking suggestions/feedback of? Electrical upgrades, box design (which it seems like youre already set on), running 2 12's on a 2500, etc.? Just not sure what you are asking.
  4. Yea, just got busy. Two kids, got married, etc. Life happened. But ive still got the truck and the 4 15's with the 12k's. Just doesnt see much road time.
  5. Why didnt you try enclosure changes instead of EQ's for the bass amp? The enclosure is by far the biggest component to dictating how the subwoofer will sound.
  6. You can wire the second battery in parallel to the existing battery. The main concern typically is the difference in battery technology (lead acid as OEM and AGM for aftermarket). In reality, there isnt anything special you need in between the stock battery and the new AGM. The only suggestion I would make is in a few years when the stock fails (due to age and use), to replace it with a like in kind battery to the AGM. Your battery wont get "too much charge". Alternators only output to what they are asked. If you arent blasting music, they will have a low output to supply the bare minimum the car is asking for (A/C, lights, radio, etc.) and when you crank the volume it will output more as it sees a larger "load" and output as much as it can up to 220a to do whatever it can to try to maintain good voltage.
  7. x2 on this. They need enough rpm's to start outputing. You can change the pulley size to help speed this up without changing the engine rpm. (if the alternator pulley is smaller it will spin faster at the same engine rpm). I ran in to this a bit with my chevy as in drive it would idle around 600 rpm.
  8. Can you post a picture of the engine bay? I did a custom dual alt bracket for the 95 with a 350 that I have used for like 10 years now with no issues.
  9. See my comments in red. In addition, if you cant buy the battery and HO alt at the same time, I would get the HO alt first, HO alts are a huge upgrade to any system.
  10. Can you post the dimensions you have to work with?
  11. If that's the case, I don't it making a huge different with the added mids/highs amps. If it was a jump in bass amp size, you probably would see some change. Mids/highs will be a lot more dynamic where-as the sub stage will create a more consistent load on the electrical system.
  12. On surface level, it looks like you'll be okay, but likely going to need to grab another D3400. And if you are going at it wide open, you will need every bit of that alternator output. What is the current wattage you are running?
  13. If you are using 3/4" wood, that ask is physically impossible to achieve. Either give up more room or drop the double baffle. I used your given max space and using every bit of it without the double baffle barely gets you there... barely.
  14. 1. What type of input are you using? RCA's? Speaker level inputs? 2. If you aren't clipping the unit, do you know what VAC you are getting into the unit before turning its gain up? Say at max volume if you headunit only outputs 1VAC and the internal gain of the DM810 isnt high enough to hit the output rails and "clip". Just because there is no clip light being shown doesn't inherently mean a fault. 3. If you want real real help, you have to provide some better details than what is in the original post. Its hard to start when we don't even know where the starting line is. Headunit model Settings of the headunit model How the signal gets to the DM810 How you are measuring the output signal of DM810 "how to properly set my gains inside the processor" as in through software? etc. Need more info.
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