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  1. Ok, so bandwidth is great. Plays lower than the 4th. Only thing I need to work on is figuring out the ports and/or rear volume changes that will help with the lower note cone control. As you can see in the video, below 31/32 hz they start to stretch out to almost full excursion, and this is at 2 ohms. I plan on dropping to .5 per amp (granted the amps wont be turned up all the way, but there will be notably more power).
  2. ChevyBoy95

    Random Video Thread

    One flaw is that perimeter doesnt directly correlate to area inside of it. So it isnt a good way of doing it. example. Perimeter of a 4" by 4" square is 16" and the Area is 16 square inches. Perimeter (or circumference) of a Circle with an Area of 16 square inches is 14.18" Fingers getting close is one thing if you are in control, you just dont want hair or fabrics near that can get pulled in. Power tools are always dangerous, depends on the bit being used as well. If taking a minor amount off or shaving, there wont really be anything to catch and pull the piece away, if you are taking a large about off, it needs a more secure and firm hold.
  3. ChevyBoy95

    TBO H-Town Meet? HOUSTON TX

    I might be able to make it. this a meet up or a show that wont get shut down?
  4. ChevyBoy95

    B2 Audio Reference (4 chan)

    Kyle , pm Jeffrey Hald on fb or swordlordboy (?) on here. He is about to run 2 of them in his SQ car... like a legit SQ car.
  5. thanks, i look forward to seeing what you do with the avalanche.
  6. thanks. We shall see once I play with the ports for a bit.
  7. Went with a bigger rear side for response as well as hopefully make the box itself more efficient. thanks man, ports get here tomorrow (just PVC, no flares), so get to get more done and hopefully structurally done this week