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  1. You can get a 1 meter (~3ft) RCA and some female to female RCA connectors and just extend them. You wont notice any difference. Other thing you can do is if one of the amps has a pass through (through out) RCA connection (RCA output) you can run from that to the next amp. So run the RCA to the right amp and run the through out RCA to the second amp.
  2. That is plenty for a 4th or 6th volume wise. My 4 15's 4th was ~33 cuft and my 6th is ~36 cuft total (total internal volume).
  3. Yea, there will be any "back draw" without a switch. I have left my LED's in my truck wired into the stock wiring so when the door opens, they turn on, and led's draw so little that it doesn't effect anything (disconnected bulbs and replaced with led strips). The rocker switch would just allow you to bypass the auto turn on when the door opens. In summary, you don't need a relay unless you want one.
  4. B2 Audio HN6P Midrange (Pair) 4 ohms 150wrms More info : http://www.b2audio.com/proaudio Opened to take the pictures and then immediately back in the original box. $150 shipped is the price, these are $199 usually. US only
  5. Ok, so bandwidth is great. Plays lower than the 4th. Only thing I need to work on is figuring out the ports and/or rear volume changes that will help with the lower note cone control. As you can see in the video, below 31/32 hz they start to stretch out to almost full excursion, and this is at 2 ohms. I plan on dropping to .5 per amp (granted the amps wont be turned up all the way, but there will be notably more power).
  6. One flaw is that perimeter doesnt directly correlate to area inside of it. So it isnt a good way of doing it. example. Perimeter of a 4" by 4" square is 16" and the Area is 16 square inches. Perimeter (or circumference) of a Circle with an Area of 16 square inches is 14.18" Fingers getting close is one thing if you are in control, you just dont want hair or fabrics near that can get pulled in. Power tools are always dangerous, depends on the bit being used as well. If taking a minor amount off or shaving, there wont really be anything to catch and pull the piece away, if you are taking a large about off, it needs a more secure and firm hold.
  7. I might be able to make it. this a meet up or a show that wont get shut down?
  8. Kyle , pm Jeffrey Hald on fb or swordlordboy (?) on here. He is about to run 2 of them in his SQ car... like a legit SQ car.
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