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  1. Not waiting anymore! Holy crap these things are heavy! I'm mounting them horizontally, do I need to support the motor?
  2. By chance do you have a vid of these 8's, really dig the E-series! They are handling some really good power Up in my build log as of yesterday... http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/114489-toylocosts-99-4runner-install/
  3. I will order a pair before the presale ends. Planning for them to be in a PWK box false floor style in the cargo area of my 4runner. I've got 2 E-8s in a simple ported box and they kick ass! Love the 8s!
  4. Where is there more info/ pics of these things? I cant find em anywhere.
  5. I thought I'd seen them before but can't find it now, are there T/S parameters somewhere?
  6. With those terminals ^^^ you don't need anything haha. Just remove insulation and put it in the terminal.
  7. Looks awesome. But why? As tempting as that sounds, I need to spend less. But that gives me great ideas, if I ever get access to a mill or something I will see what I can come up with.
  8. Yeah knu has one similar to the second tsunami I posted but it's twice the price. And the both conduct electricity so I was just gonna go the cheaper route. But the rest of my wire will be knu.
  9. Looked through darvex already didn't find what I wanted. Thanks though. Yeah looks like I'll be doing in line like a normal person haha. Do you guys put fuses on the alt side of the big 3? And how do you decide between ANL, MAXI, MIDI, AGU?
  10. My stock battery terminals are pretty beat up and I don't think they will stand 2 runs of 0/1 hanging off of them. I am very specific in the terminal configuration that I need. For positive I would like to have two 0/1 outputs with one or both of them being fused at the terminal itself. One will be for 0/1 from the alt and one will be for 0/1 to a distro block to the amps. Also need an extra 8 or 4 out to run my factory stuff. I found one that works but only has a single 0/1 out here... Tsunami TPBT-P (tpbtp) Positive Battery Terminal with One 1/0 or And found another will all the outputs I need but no fuse holder. Good price too. If I cant find the perfect one then I'll end up getting these and running an external fuse holder like a normal person. Tsunami TSBT-PN (tsbtpn) Positive and Negative Battery Terminal Anyone got any ideas on where I can find what I'm looking for?
  11. For the price of the deep cycles I could just buy a real power supply or amp haha. I put my old battery on it that's been sitting in the garage for a year and the voltage is alot more stable now. Seems to stay in the 13s unless I turn it up then goes to 12s.
  12. Really... I think I have an old battery laying around. Been in the shop for a year probably idk if it's still good. I'll try it.
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