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  1. After all the wait, Here comes the video. Officially the loudest car in UAE. Broke the windshield on the first play. The best score is 155db on Test tone. Subsonic is set high to prevent more cracks on the window. We invented new trick called sand trick since in middle east hair trick can be a problem. Thanks
  2. So 181 = Project Noisy Orange! Some day I would get someone crazy enough to do a blow through. This car is totally for car show. The owner didnt want any metal cutting nor he is interested in SPL. For the record the 4 x 8 does over 135 db inside the cabin from 30hz to 50Hz . His idea is to attract people to the car when he is at a show. So we give him all the bass output right outside. The box is tuned to 32 hz. And when playing low bass notes, this car can be heard from real far away. We build music system on anything on wheel... sand cars are normal. We dont even spare scooters or sports bike. (Strictly owners requirements) Scooter with Audio Suzuki GrXR 1000
  3. Name of the song is Tristam & Braken-Flight ( Best of Drum N Bass & Drumstep, Vol. 2 ) Thank you! It took real long time and we gave up on small touches
  4. Hey guys, We just finished a build at our Shop in UAE, Abu Dhabi (Middle east) It took us a while to do this. The idea is to build something in a budget but a crowd puller. The stuff that went in Pioneer AVH-X8550BT 4 x DC Audio Level 2 15 4 x DC Audio M3 8 3 x Pioneer D8604 2 x Pioneer D8601 2 x Pioneer D9601 10 x SP Audio 6.5 8 x SP Audio Tweeters 1 Extra 150Amps battery on Stock Alternator This setup can play at moderate to almost full volume for atleast 15 mins to 30 mins before the voltage drops to 11 Music : Tristam & Braken-Flight ( Best of Drum N Bass & Drumstep, Vol. 2 ) Let us know what you think
  5. Hey guys we are building a simple Pioneer setup on a camry! While we are at it we though why not try to see what the Pioneer D8601 amp can do. Connected them to the DC Audio Level 2 15s of another project...
  6. We recently build an Alpine Stealth setup in a Dodge RAM SRT10. Loud and clear inside. Let me know what you guys think of this...
  7. Our newest setup on a VW Golf. Still deciding whether to wrap in CF or alcantara. what do you think??? Straight Focal setup
  8. Me and father used to installs but since over a year we have hired three additional hands to get things done properly. We offer life time guarantee on installs. The solox 18 on the wall did over 150db on music.
  9. Focal isnt as expensive as in U.S! We have low import tax here. We are dealers for Focal and soon might be dealing with Brax, Helix etc... Also dealing with DC Audio and Mechman!
  10. Lambo was a bit scary at the beginning! Some hi end projects dont have pictures as per customer request... This lambo won the best SQ in its category for EMMA Arabia SQ 2013.
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