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  1. Chicks, that play hard to get. I'm over here spending money and she don't give it up. lol. what the Fuck.
  2. I got cars to finish building, and boxes to start building, And it's 100° at 11am. Wtf is this shit?? haha
  3. Swear. Guy walked outside with me, took a bunch of pictures (before it was keyed) asked me about it, and then when he asked how much I was looking around for I said something around $25k since I was thinking in my head about not losing my ass in case it was stolen. He approved it lol. Since they don't have a systematic-basis on cars before KBB value (or whatever it is like that) he didn't seem to know how else to appraise it lol. They go around local prices for cars like yours, Probably check on Craigslist and see what they are going for. that what they did on my 90 240sx and they gave me 5k for it.
  4. Haha, It helped with the feels though. Problem is now I'm totally sober. Oh well, I'm gonna try and get my other car running tomorrow though. So I'm done drinking for tonight.
  5. Nice, This thread pops up. I'm two tall cans in. Grabbing my 3rd now. Have not been posting on SMD much lately, But I sold the 97 civic hatch... Bought a 1990 240sx in awesome condition with 85k on the dash and I wrecked that bitch.... So I'm driving a 2003 dodge van now... So this 3rd drink is a fuckyou to all the events recently.. oh yeah the accident Fucked my back and I have not worked in 2 weeks too.... So I'm about to be broke too. LOL drink up peeps.
  6. All of them are good still, just front end damage. I know I can get it fixed, but it's the frame I'm worried about. But I haven't took the panels off to get a better look at it. I'm waiting for the insurance people to look at it.
  7. No idea as of now, just crashed today. But I bought it about a month ago for 4k. I'm pretty sure they will give 2500 tops for the car or like 1500-2000 to fix it. This car has a Nrg removable steering wheel, injen cold air intake, 5zigen wheels, HKS exhaust, Megan racing coilovers, upgraded brakes and a HKS exhaust. Also only has 85k miles. Immaculate interior also.
  8. Pretty sure it's a total loss. Fucked up that I just bought it like a month ago.
  9. Bought a gang of stuff from before, good guy to deal with. Actually owe him quite a bit of money now and not one "gimme my money now Fucker" text has been received. LOL don't hesitate to buy from Ken as it's always a smooth transaction.
  10. Good subs for sure. I might need to upgrade to Zv4s soon as i have already got them to bottom out twice on one 3500. Kind of iffy on adding the second 3500. They are pretty loud. No vids yet as I have no way of taking vids and demoing at the same time.
  11. I got some too! Had to drive down and get them and he even helped me put them on and wire up my batts... Here are the pics. It's messy right now but it works.
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