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  1. I see limeish green, I guess it depends on how you calibrated your monitor as well.
  2. My avic-5000nex is coming tomorrow! :D

  3. Is the SOTL album going to be on spotify?

    1. audiofanaticz


      itunes and amazon iirc until the physical album is pressed and available for purchase

    2. biscuitownz
    3. meade916


      should be on Spotify any day now :)

  4. Just got tracking from fedex for my fi sub O_O

  5. I recently sold my FI BL 18" sub to a friend of mine and he had it stolen in the sacramento area. If you guys see anyone trying to sell something like it, please let me know. Thank you

  6. I was planning on getting something designed using that chip, or the LM3876, to have all of my speakers in my house have their own amplifier. Tell me how it ends up going! Edit: I had forgotten I had already got a design working for a 20W using the LM1875T to mess with, but never did. Nice! You could probably use your design and run full active on all your speakers
  7. You got any schematics? Not yet, so far it's just the basic lm3886 chipamps in parallel along with the power supply part. I will be adding some other things to it tomorrow, once it's done I'll post a diagram.
  8. The amp I've been working on. It does a little over 100w per channel (2 channels). It's not finished yet
  9. Some vu meters I made today IMG_20140702_212855 by biscuitownz, on Flickr EDIT: Here's a video of them running
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