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  1. Nice i have been looking at those also...they're little monsters thats for sure.
  2. Yeah i would have voted no for cutting the original ...lol its your master piece though..Get to work..
  3. Yup..lol why not just take that trap door out instead of cutting it ? I can't wait to see what the 6.5 do though
  4. I need to start getting rid of stuff..Im becoming a hoarder. Probably going to be some sale threads in the near future

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    2. Broke_Audio_Addict


      Well start selling the stuff on the cheap and I'll lurk around in the for sale thread waiting to snatch your stuff up.

    3. boom50cal


      watching, lurking...

    4. ImaNoob


      ^ I have some audio and non audio stuff..lol.

  5. Get your votes in for SOTM people..

  6. I love all old school honda stuff...Its really cool to see stuff like that around still and being used !
  7. Authorized or not sonic gives you 12months warranty, I've never had a issue returning anything..
  8. I had the same problem, the coil was shifted 4mm or something like that, I forget but fi reconed and sent back..I can't find my thread
  9. Sonic is super fast at turnaround times.. One thing though do they have that in stock ? Most of the rockford shit has been on backorder. Nit sure how that works
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