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    mt healthy, sin sea, ohio
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    Snowboarding, Skatin, drifting, audio, HANG LOOSE YERR

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  1. i saw this when it had like 2 replies, earlier today, came back tonight and now its crazy
  2. Got on Team DC AUDIO!

    1. Leo1103
    2. 2loudisjustright


      SO what does that mean exactly?? You switching to dc amps? Upgrading to level 6s?

    3. BFF Larry

      BFF Larry

      hopefully i sell these 5s, and trying out a 4th with a couple 10s or 12s

  3. newer score 156.2 at 35 before MECA world finals, i am sure i can reach closer to a 157
  4. 95 Bonneville 2 - 18 lvl5 1- Cactus Sounds K12 MECA: 155.2 @31 155.7@34 hoping to do a 56+ this weekend
  5. ah snap, thats whats up! ^ where you been at my whole life?!
  6. haha my bad nate, i just wanted to see if anyone can edit it bassboosted!!
  7. just went through all the pages, the enclosure is really sick. looks strong as fuck. and those numbers are pretty good on stock electrical
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