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  1. kicker xs100. rated at 50x2 @4 125x2 @2 250x2 @1 500x2 @.5 ohm bridged [email protected] we did bridge it at .5ohm and oh boy did it heat up but it just pounded away on 3 old school JL 12w6 dual 3 ohm. Amazing amp, true surfboard amp. still have it mounted on the wall in my basement. need to send it back to kicker to get repaired. but it'll always be in my collection along with some JL audio slash series amps v1
  2. Worked construction on weekends throughout high school for a neighbor who was low on men one day and loved the hard work i put into everything i did. Now working at a battery store, walked in and talked to the owner for 2 hours about the differences between a couple different brands and what not. been working there for 9 months with minimum 20 hours a week and maximum 40. I go to school full time but love my job.
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