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  1. Craig28

    SounDigital 16kD

    Please explain how you would go about tuning a sealed enclosure...
  2. Find coronajeff's xterra build log. His rack is for a fuckload of batteries and 2 1100.1's.
  3. It's called suspension for a reason..
  4. Just because the company was run into the ground doesn't mean the gear was garbage..
  5. Thank god there is a UBL. The amount of no-pic bs in this one reminds me of Trippi's old build thread lol.
  6. YES. A big ass build and hot Russian women! Two thumbs up for sure.
  7. If you secured it well enough you should be fine. Knowing space available would be a major help though. I would assume under the window line but what do you have available for depth and width? You could always run like an SA-15 in a smallish sealed box until you get the other seats.
  8. You won't be saying fuck it if you get in an accident and eat through a straw for the rest of your life..
  9. Oh wall ball like the game. I thought it was like wall sits and have someone through a medicine ball at your junk lol.
  10. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/96680-got-dubstep-post-it/ Here you go.
  11. They did in another video they just glued those dustcaps onto the originals. They're Sonic Soundlabs subs.
  12. Wall off the right half of it. Or even take the seat out and put 2 18's or 15's under the window line.
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