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  1. Would you ship to Brazil? Whats the shipping's box size, please? Thank you edit: Just to clear it out, I'll pay for shipping and eventual taxes.
  2. Seems like he is using bass boost in some parts of the song. Like if he was using a bass knob just in a few moments... lol
  3. More pics to [email protected], please. Would you ship those to Brazil? If so, please quote with USPS Priority Mail International. Thanks!
  4. Hey man Would you ship this amp. to Brazil? If so, I would like a quote for the shipping by Priority Mai International. link: http://ircalc.usps.gov/MailServices.aspx?country=10043&m=6&p=14&o=35 Thanks!
  5. Bump for DC pricing... Or is it "forbidden" to talk about it online?
  6. Cool, cool... I liked your door panels A LOT. Could someone PM me about DC subs pricing? Thanks!
  7. hahaha Cool, man! Sorry if I pissed you off... Wasnt my intention. Whats the Fb of your box?
  8. Dude, can I be honest? Maybe the camera didnt pick up the flex and all, but I didnt find it THAT impressive. I was hoping I would do something like this with a DC sub on 1500w: You guys think I can achieve something like that with my system? Again, thanks for the help so far yall!
  9. Cool. Imma check it out on youtube. One mores thing: the difference between LVL 4 and LVL 4 with LVL 5 coils would be just that the second one would be able to take much more power?
  10. Cool! Thanks, man... What about the sub? Wich one would you buy to hook up in 1400w? LVL 4 or XL? Ty Why would you say that? I wanna understand theses things... Cool! But dont you think 1300~1400w is kinda low power to move the XL's "weight"?
  11. Damn. My amp has a 30hz fixed subsonic (cant adjust it to 20hz, for example). So I kinda have to leave it OFF. Any other person wanna give me some advice on wich sub should I get on 1300w rms? Lvl 4 or XL? Thanks again, guys
  12. Well, its kinda like this one: Can this player acts like a subsonic filter? Like...can it cut the frequencies below 20hz off my sub?
  13. Thanks for contributing man. But you think itll do good in 1300w? Nice, man. Btw, how you like this X994? Thinking about getting one, but kinda pending more to the 9887 side... What u think?
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