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    Got a link to Tricticum's port area thread?
  2. Here is my entry Selfie game needs work. Good luck to all.
  3. Oh mylanta, what did that tahoe ever do to you? Getting work done. I like it.
  4. At this point the build is current and up to date and ready for the 1st tuning session. Up first is an impedance sweep of all the drivers in their installed enviroment. The driver side horn The passenger side horn The driver side woofer The passenger side woofer Lastly the subs Now that we know what to expect here is the baseline measurement. Red = Right/Passenger Side Black = Left/Driver Side Wow, well with that said, here is what I went with PEQ wise on the PS8 This is was the final measurement looks like. So far so good, but needs more tuning.
  5. At this point in time Stereo Integrity discontinues the DS4 line and closes them out at a I can resist price. I pick one for just in case. Unfortunately storage space has become a preminum and I say eff it, I can cut another hole in the box and run two. So much for the no upgrades. Moar sub pics. Everything back out. Fingers crossed that I don't eff it up. Now its a box for two. All back in. The subs are dual 2 ohm coils. The amps put out 1k at 2ohms or 750w at 1ohm. So I take a hit in the power dept but gain in the cone area side. All in all its a wash. I need to start tuning.
  6. Things happen. Sadly one of the channels on my little Bazooka 4 channel started cutting out. I had to swap it out for another amp I had laying around, JL HD600/4. Before with the Bazooka After with the JL amp Luckily the input impedance is the same on both amps so no change to the horn filter thingie. I did have to reset the gains on the amps and the PS8. The JL has a small range and low voltage requirement for the low level inputs so I had the lower the signal at the PS8 since the Sony has 5V pre outs. :/ Back to tuning.
  7. At this point everything is up and running. Horns are highpassed at 1600hz 24db/oct LR. The mids are playing 80hz to 1600hz 24db/oct LR at both ends. Subs are lowpassed at 80hz 24db/oct LR, no subsonic filter. The highs are non-existant with out some eq. A buddy recommended a special filter Veritas used to offer for the horns they once sold. Here is the info I was given. This the specifics on the filter. This is the modeled response of the filter by my buddy. Here I go trying to calculate the input impedance of the Bazooka amp. After using this calculator I came up with 10k input impedance. Close enough. Here are my little filters. This was the response of the horns before the filter. Left black right red. This is the response of the horns after the filter was installed. On to more tuning.
  8. Keeping it small this go around. I did rattle can the steel black. Thanks. Thanks.
  9. Got me a little something extra for the PS8. Drew me up a little housing to mount in the dash. Laser cut FTW! Formed and welded. Cut some mounting ears and welded some flanged nuts using works tig. Used my crappy flux core mig at home to eff everything up. The final install For more behind the scenes pics: http://s1005.photobucket.com/user/onebadmonte32/Suburban V3/PS8 Pod/story Thanks for looking.
  10. And now for a little bottom end brought to you via a Stereo Integrity DS4 18. Freshly cut wood. I'm using a textured piece of abs plastic one the baffle for a little something extra. Box with a pair of Bazooka MGA1100h strapped (2KW) to the 18. Boom! Bazooka 4 channel, Arc PS8 and Stinger wire goodies. A little carpeting action. Finished product. Pics for those that gotta have moar! http://s1005.photobucket.com/user/onebadmonte32/Suburban V3/Sub Box/story Thanks for looking.