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  1. I don't know which models of Taramps, but the distortion on certain models is to high to properly work with a DD-1
  2. JY has their new lithium coming soon. Thats what Ill be adding/swapping to. I currently have 2 JY 80 green and 1 JY cased 80. Info on the new JY 25ah can be found on their FB page
  3. Make sure to do a Build log.
  4. I didnt beat on my sp4's like I do my teams ( sp4's were on less power because of what amps I could afford at the time ). but the glue setting could be smelled for almost year. so some of what your smelling may not be bad.
  5. My favorite demo tracks have made my subs stinky when I had my sp4's and now on my teams. Some tracks are just dirty. I just hammer on them dor a song or 2 then turn it down for a few songs. I use a gain knob to control subs. Gains are always nice.
  6. I've been running -10 for ever. I only know one person who runs I haven't run a team3, but have a buddy who is about to order 2. if it fit in any of my build goals I'd love to try them. I have always used -10. I only know one person who uses -15. Are you using a bass knob? is bass boot turned on any where?
  7. the website shows 3500 for the sp4+ and 2500 for the sp3+ Are you sure you dont have the SP3+ https://ficaraudio.com/product/sp4v2-series-sp4v218/
  8. Something still isnt right? Are you using a line converter? stock HU? How do you know the coils are burning? Whats the SSF set at?
  9. the sp3+ ( 3" coil ) shows 2500w and the sp4+ ( 4" coil ) shows 3500.
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