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  1. Yes you can run recovery/desulfate mode before a battery is completely dead. If I remember correctly XS says run it every 3-6 months depending on use.
  2. No, they are just realtime clamps. both can even capture what your rising to.
  3. If you can find one, get an AMM-1 if you want to clamp unless you have access to a TL with clamps
  4. I live in PHX. it took me a while to trust JY during our hot summers. I'll let you folks test stuff like Cmax for me. With AZ heat I dont jump on every battery style that comes out.
  5. I use agm and lithium. many people seem to think using both together will bring about the end of the world. Yes agm can pull down lithium overtime. just like old/bad agms can pull down new agm's. if you do it in a daily driver setup you will probably never see an issue. I know several people who have been running both for several years. if you plan to let the vehicle sit for 3 days or more I recommend disconnecting the lithium. Mine is not a daily driver so mine aren't usually connect.
  6. Keeping with the revisions to the current line we have changed the look of the SP4 to be all black with stainless hardware and front/rear color matched logos. Along with the revised look is a new option (the “+” as pictured). The new “+” option adds a second magnet to the SP4 increasing motor force to split the difference between the SP4 and Team lines. Also included with this option is a compression plug to increase the cooling capacity. Coming to our store soon! ????
  7. Wolfram 4500 will do 5k wired at .5 on most setups switching from a 3" coil 2k sub to a 4" coil 5k sub that easily takes 7k on a burp you better bring the power . there are a couple threads on here of guys doing 150 from the trunk on a single Fi team on a 3500w amp. a fi team 15 has an FS of 32 not 41
  8. time for a photo update dumpski . some might be reposts, stupid photobucket made things difficult
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