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  1. So I'm in trouble guys, I have to take a group on my party bus tomorrow but I just started up my bus and the overhead panel with the lighting control and rear AC controls is not working! Any ideas? I've tried to go through just about every fuse there is I am desperate at this point. Here is a picture of the panel that will not work...Even the automatic door button is on here.
  2. Due to how busy I've been with work, and the fact that I've gone through like 3-4 cars lol I haven't had a sub setup in a minute. I want to put 2 18's in my 07 yukon denali, but want to get a little input before I buy everything. I want to put two 18" FI BLs in my truck, not looking to cash out and spend 2k on amps to push them full tilt, but just give them something that will push them decently and get them loud...I was looking at soundqubed 1200's, they look like they're at a great price, and aren't they essentially aq1200s? I want to run one on each sub, what do you guys think.
  3. Thanks for the help man, the other day I decided to take off the 26's too much of a pain in the ass lol, I've never been such a worried person while driving a car haha..Wondering which pothole was gonna destroy a rim, wondering how worn out my suspension was going to be after riding on them, having my ride feel like a horse drawn carriage...I'm selling them now lol I'm going back to 24s
  4. I can handle rough and stiff ride..I just hate the steering wheel shaking and looseness...I wish I still had my 24" U2-55s I sold them last year, I would trade these for some brand new u2-55's and tires lol
  5. I will go hit belletire tomorrow/..hopefully they're cool, around here they act like if you run anything larger than 24's you're a total retard lol I just got an aligment about a month ago when I replaced my ties rods, I'm assuming since I put on these new wheels and tires that that alignment went to waste?
  6. tried a shit load of different lugs today, I'm sure its the studs Also I know I have shitty tires, but theres gotta be something I can do to make this ride more bearable, over 50 mph steering wheel shakes, and steering feels very loose..They were all balanced at discount tire a couple days ago before my dad brought them home and I mounted them..
  7. I'm not used to having used rims though, the little flaws are annoying the shit outta me! I never tow or drive crazy anyways lol I actually drive like an old lady except for when I'm mad haha @Audiofanaticz I had falken ziex tires on my 24's on my tahoe and it rode decent, these 26's I got brand new cheap ass durun got a set for like 600 bucks..But I only plan to run these two summers, so If I can get through next year that's good enough for me, my main concern is just the safety of the truck, I can deal with shitty ride but I just don't want to break anything..
  8. Thats what I figured, I was wondering about putting on a smaller lugnut I"ll have to look for those are they specifically called gorilla lug nuts? Lol I have a broken foot but still managed to lift the 26's by myself tonight...No way in hell im putting the old wheels back on unless im in danger of dying lmao I love the look of the 26's but the 24s I put on my tahoe last year were a bit more pratical..
  9. I just paid 168 even to discount tire for them to remove my old tires, mount new tires, and balance wheels..I have 26's
  10. Rims are Versante 226's, bought from someone on CL, no cracks, very light peeling in a couple places and one bend I didn't initally see, but got a good deal...Bought some tires online and had discount tire mount and balance for me, initial impression is that I love the look, but the ride is shitty as all hell (which I knew it would be). Now here is my big problem, I can't get one lug on the front left wheel and one on the rear left wheel to go on the stud! its like they won't grab the thread? Any ideas on what to do, I'm rolling around with 5 out of 6 lugs on two wheels right now, I know its not safe, I'm avoiding highways I don't drive much everyday....Kind of contemplating if I should trade someone these for 24's, love the look, idk why my gut feeling is scaring me haha
  11. Good Condition, no cracks, rear tires are brand new front two are at least 65% ..Steal of a deal, these were over 3k new. 1700 you pay shipping
  12. basically get ready for about a 15% success rate on your first 5-7 cars after that you will gradually get better and better...If you have ANY questions make sure you ask before splicing or cutting or altering any vehicle connections..It is possible to completely fuck a car over by botching a remote start or alarm install
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