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  1. i used to be like u back in high school thinking damm where should i park my car i dont people hating or watever so maybe i should park it far away from school in a quiet neighborhood then i thought no then thats a better chance for someone to get away with it then i thought if i park it right infront of school them everyone is going to see it but its going to be safer so i started taking it and to my surprise no one really payed attention to it then they got used to seeing it there more and more and i got more confident about taking my car ... but dude if they really want ur truck or do harm they will do it there is no way to prevent it there is always going to be haters and people wishing they had ur truck the only way to keep it safe is too garage it and never take it out ..but thats not what cars are made for ...so any ways maay i ask how much did it cost??
  2. i spent 40 bucks on ebay for hids have had em for 5 months now zero problems best way to go and either 5k or 6k is pure white
  3. this is my cutlass right before i sold it ....primered black
  4. used to have a cutlass but i sold it ....now i want it back but i really want a g body monte carlo with t tops =)
  5. yeah i would get the s10 too plus it has a bed cover which i really like and roll pan +1
  6. So if my box were to burst and it impaled my shoulder, causing my arm to spasm and jerk the wheel to the left into oncoming traffic and making my airbags deploy, I could then say my bass set my airbags off. It's settled then. High SPLs can set your airbags off. Thanks! lol wow u have a creative mind but in that case ur bass cause u to crash which caused ur airbags to deploy so no technically they didnt set them off
  7. airbags only deploy ( since i believe ur car only has front airbags)if u hit something head on going over 15 or 20 mph if i can remember
  8. how much was ur ticket ? for me it was like out of a movie all i saw was flashing lights on my rear view mirror and i was FML to top it off it was my first traffic stop ever lol
  9. i know i got caught for stupid reason too i was quite the whole ride home then a song comes on i like i turn it up a little bammm i get busted LAME and i drive i used to drive on that street daily
  10. u should change ur title under ur name now =/ (my ticket for loud music was $240 maybe if i had the radar i would of prevented)
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