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  1. NOW THEY HAVE TWO!!! Ohhhh........"bump. Bump. Bump....anotherone bites the dust"
  2. Right!, " Sorry Officer, I didnt mean to speed just want to see your Lambo moving @ 100MPH"
  3. Watch out he's gonna getcha! Just so i dont catch shit. I was kidding about the 2012 thing. Theyre already using it in Germany, Lamborghini gave them 3 to use. http://www.brandinfection.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/polizia_lamborghini_gallardo_lp560-4_inside-600x400.jpg
  4. I most def think the 93-95 Mazda rx7 r1 FD right hand drive is the best car ever made. But a CRX with an 18" Smd in a 6th oder bandpass on the warhorses may be my second favorite. JK. Would be cool though.
  5. I remember when this was a concept, then I saw a working prototype in NY. I guess production now huh? Saweet!
  6. The Bugatti is ugly in vids and pics, but in person there is so much detail its unreal. The maybach is def a Luxury car. Duddy's Maybach just got redone and..................um..............wow! I know its hard to agree if you've never sat in one but both those cars are freaks of nature and almost imlpossible to take apart...........almost.
  7. So had a conference call with RE Audio, definitely bringing them in. Gotta put together a good size order now.
  8. See the problem is AA takes like 3 weeks from oder to sales floor. I think RE, would be premade so quicker to us. U think no on the Orion though huh. I agree, money sitting there with JBL. Ill have to check all the dealer pricing and local distribution today.
  9. Yeah, internet is a slight pain, but warranty is on them. I have to deal with it to some level. But a lot of our clients will pay a little extra to get it right there if they can. So that's kind of what I want to do, have a lil of everything here @ anygivin time. From entry level $85 subs to SMD 18'S.
  10. Right now mistletoe Clarion, Jvc, Sony. But we really keep the Clarion as primary.
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