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  1. Scott may still have some recones. Ill call him tomm. And get back with u. How many motor/ basket combos do you have?
  2. Me too, but in the meantime we were wanting to do a small wall with 'em. But it looks like no one here has any for sale.
  3. Will the warhorses do it 4 u?
  4. Without getting technicall. Most of the car audio batts will fix the "lights dimming" thing, the difference between the smaller ones and larger ones is the "storage capcity" So 32HZ, full volume for 10sec. may be ok for smaller batts before they are completly drained. but Play "White Girl" by Jeezey and ur FK'd, because you will discharge ur battery quick, and not be able to recharge it before the next bass note comes in because ur alt isnt big enough. If you want to cheat, go with larger batteries and several of them to gain mass storage. You'll get more time under a load to Jam out. But once you see voltage drop you gotta lay of 'em becuse your alt cant charge fast enough. The correct way to handle all of it, is to have an alt matched to your amp current draw while using the batteries as power storage. This way The bass hits........batts start to drain.......that 2 seconds where the bass stops.......batts are charging... and quickly......then bass hits again..... and you still have juice left.. Just understand that lower bass notes demand more "current draw" (take more power), so if thats what u want, u gotta get the ass behind the amps.
  5. Go to our website, HTTP://WWW.defiantaudiollc.com and call me 302-725-5193. I have abunch of smaller x's batteries left over from our Booth @ DUB SHOW. so I can sell them cheap.
  6. so youve got 2 kinetic hc2400s? pm me please im interested PM'd
  7. My fault, I was doin fiberglass @ work today and forgot to check the d3100 for u. I have the kinetics 2400's though for sure @ $150 used from a recent build a client never finished.
  8. We are wanting to build a new shop car. Now we some AA 8'S OR A BUNCH of powerbass 8's.
  9. U still looking? I have some left over from a show Booth.
  10. thinkin about goin Ape Shit on my truck, still game plannin

  11. want to get caught up on some work to prep for future project planning.

  12. I dunno if you still have it but, we'd love to build a small Body Kit for it here at the Shop. Ship that bitch over.........
  13. Its good, I just dont like to see good people get taken advantage of, From what I heard you have someone good building the box, so i'm at ease with that. But I was telling your "brother" i think, that I never gave anyone the specs for the box so hopefullt the guy doin it is good. I want nothing more than to see you get louder, so i have a reason to rebuild ours ya know.
  14. as a fellow fiberglasser, props to you man, i dont care how good you are, you got mad time in that burban. I know its hard to keep the focus on the long one like that. your doing great!!

  15. As much as I wish we aere building it, someone else is. All we did was gave a deal on the subs, a good one but we didnt get the install. Thanks though
  16. Yeah it happened to me too when the guy paid for it, I though to myself "is the economy bad or is the news f'n with me"
  17. The tint is one of those crazey things that people who own their own jets would get, or CELEB's ya, know. My supplier outta India, has them @, 10,000 for the full set w/ all new glass, and our labor for install. It's dope but I'll be installing it for other people for a long time before I'd ever get it. It'll get cheap later ya know.
  18. Sorry it took so long, it was because of the custom make "no post" we ordered.
  19. Thanks man, you still gotta let me know what it'll take to get you on the east coast for a visit, maybe you could come to one of our shows, it'd would be a "Steve Meade tour" huh! Meade traveling to knock people's heads off for a while! I like it, I'm sure all your fans wouls like it!
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