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  1. only "problem" that could happen is if one has a lower resting voltage. the lower voltage pulls from the other battery until they even out. but that really isn't an issue.
  2. people flake out and don't keep their word, then you're the asshole for pointing it out... baffles me.

    1. WastedTalent


      Just means you have the balls to not let it go by unnoticed. Happens to me all the time. "I'll think about it and let you know" so 2 weeks later I text them a pic and "Wow, thanks asshole"

    2. WastedTalent
  3. yeah, LOCs are crap. always avoid using them if you can. there are other, better, although more expensive, options.
  4. I would stop resetting it. it should figure out that the battery is fully charged pretty quickly and go into float charge but you're basically just over charging the batteries every time you do that.
  5. lol it wont go back to amber. if its amber that means its in serious charge mode. green means its in float charge, also called maintenance mode. it wont ever need to go back to amber because the battery is still fully charged.
  6. The bitch is.. you want some one, to "restart" it.... it seems after it hits GREEN,...... you need to shut it off, and restart it to go amber.... does that make sense? EDIT- maybe Nathan will chime it. But, i know after mine hits float, it goes green.. and wont keep charging. Seems there is a "time period" it has built in.. dunno No, the charger is still charging. most chargers do 2amps at ~13v in float charge. you wont have to restart the charger and it'll keep the batteries fresh while you are gone.
  7. the intelli charger goes into float mode once the cells are charged. you could leave the charger on forever. people float charge batteries all winter in boats, tractors, etc.
  8. to answer your question, no you dont have to use 36, but you do have to pick a max volume, tune to that, and NEVER go over it. just make sure it's under 36. Now to help a little more, tell us what subs, amp, and the details of the box.
  9. its usually better to point the subs backward unless you seal off the trunk and point them forward.
  10. wattage sounds right for the impedance. the only reason I know of for this method to be inaccurate is because the meters read at a certain frequency. so playing a 40hz tone while the meter works at (for example) 50hz, you don't get accurate readings. but close enough is close enough. after all, this is all for fun.
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