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  1. I'm late but I'll threw in my 0.02 cents. This thread really went down the toilet in a hurry. Aside from being a wise ass, or sarcastic these guys are really here to help you. And they did! Trust me I've argued with these guys before, but they really are helping you. You're asking a question that is difficult to answer. Take this lesson I learned after using a SMD CC-1 and the potentiometer you want to "turn". When I was tuning a Crossfire amp, and my gf's daughter's bass amp, I originally set the frequency cut off to the middle since the range given is 50Hz (at 7 o'clock) all the way up to 250Hz (5 oclock). Thinking that the half way point would yield 250-50=200/2=100hz. Turns out, when I chose 90 Hz cut off, the cut off was actually landing at about 9 oclock! There was a slight variance from amp to amp, and the setting was hard to hit. We're talking fraction of a mm to get the blue light to stay on. Anyhow, this meant my originally setting was adding a sh!t load of unnecessary noise muddying up the bass! I'm so impressed with the CC-1, I'm going to get a SMD DD-1 so I can really tune my stereo. (Actually I want my gf to buy it for Xmas since, sh!t, I did buy her daughter a truck and all!) Further more, even if some one can tell you where to turn the knob to blindly attempt to match your head unit, how do you know the location is legit? And are they using the same head unit? Did they verify if with a test tone? It never ceases to amaze me that "we" (yes we) enter something blindly, are given direct......direction, and yet "we" say "Thanks, but I just need the answer to my question.There's got to be a ball park setting." You inadvertently opened yourself up to the banter. Don't feel bad, we all were there once. We all learn as we go. Here is a link. Get a freaking multimeter and do it right. When you can get the good stuff, than you're really see what you have been missing. -Frank Worst method ever of setting the gains, worse then setting the gain by eye.. lol I have to chime in for old times sake. DMM method is fine. it was the way everyone did it for decades. Ohms law hasn't changed. Used a dmm to put 24kw to one mayhem in a team mates car, 12k to two mayhem 12"s in mine, 3k at .25ohm, plus plenty other systems, and ran them hard for competitions. guess what, I never roasted a coil and had the loudest musical 12"s for a while until someone came after me and ran their amps at .17 strapped or some shit, also tuned with a DMM. as for HU clipping. buy a good HU, leave everything flat, and take 25% off the max volume, or more. sure I'd advocate using an oscope but if you do those three things you wont be roasting any coils from head unit clipping. go ahead and argue. I'll just chuckle to myself. *disclaimer for internet rage. Note that I didn't comment on or claim "the best method" only arguing with this guys extremely horrible understanding and comparison*
  2. those batteries and alt will probably be "ok" for 8kw but youll see 11v. assuming you aren't doing .5ohm or something below the amp's rating little power supply knowledge for you. your alt charges at ~14.4v and batteries rest at ~12.8v. in the world of power supplies, the highest voltage is what supplies the load. once the voltage from one power source reaches the voltage of another power source, they both supply power together. so voltage drop in your car wont be linear.
  3. hell, you could just use a nail and a string tied to the jigsaw. lol i never bought a jig. just mounted a piece of wood to my router and measured for the holes I needed.
  4. that 8awg might not be the cause of this problem but it should be 4awg and power/ground should always be the same size.
  5. shouldn't be an issue if it's protecting without a load. Might have a dead FET or something. I'm not as good at pcb debug as I'd like but it sounds like you've done the troubleshooting to pin it to the amp.
  6. glad you fixed it. the questions people asked you were hilarious. "are you using RCAs?" lol. this is a pretty common mistake so it's an easy one to solve.
  7. i want to upgrade that wire coming from the inverter but it seems it might be time consuming and i gotta make sure i dont connect the wrong wires the prius dont come with hid but i installed them in mines ok, so you're still using HIDs dimming to judge voltage drop... have you used a meter yet? you know, walking is time consuming too.
  8. this kind of cooling wont do anything to your VC unless you get the motor super cold so that it cools the air around it enough to make a difference inside the gap.
  9. Hey Drew! you still have those things? lol I remember them in Prestons car when I met you guys. Some comments about the temperature. a neo magnet wont lose any magnetism until 176*f but the inside of the motor is obviously getting more heat than the outside, from the coil, so you need to measure the coil temp to know if youre in a danger zone. (stopped reading before that was brought up lol) This I have no idea about but I wonder if Lenz's law comes into play with the copper coil. http://video.mit.edu/watch/physics-demo-lenzs-law-with-copper-pipe-10268/ Lastly, it's funny as hell that you care more about cooling your subs than cooling yourself (A/C) lol. Hope you've been well buddy.
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