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  1. good shit man the more the merrier. its all a good time.
  2. got some new show info. we have lots of sponsors in on the show so far including sundown audio, reactor audio, soundstream, sims audio solutions, ill customz, u.s. acoustics, PRV, synergy audio, twisted soundz, and adding others by the week. also the show is now a 5 spl league event. so now it will have MECA, ISPLL, IASCA, NADBL, and SLS Soundoff all doing spl comps at the show and MECA with SQL. so if you are in ohio or near come on out and compete or just hang out and support a few god causes and get your demos in.
  3. future plans is to upgrade subs and add more power. was thinking about going with skar DDX's and adding 1 more 4500 then git the other i have fixed, total of 4 then. also gonna redo the alternator set up. gonna try to cram 3 in that tight ass engine bay. also wanna redo the doors do maybe 8 6.5" in each im not sure on that yet. they cant keep up with the rears now and git drawn out. i also have a full build to do in my camaro in the near future. gonna do a smaller big build in it lol. 8 skar MA8's on 2 skar T2000.1,s.
  4. ok update since i havent in a while. amps in the rear, set up for 3 skar 4500's just like before, 3 fosgate 3sixty.2's, and now 6 skar 85.4 amps. 1 of the 4500's in down for the count for now till i gitter fixed. but she still managed to pull a 2nd place finish at MECA's ohio finals in park n pound 5, and tied for 2n in points for the season back in october. best # for the year was at a local no points show, did a 157 on the windshield on music on the 2 4500s wasnt all hooked up yet in this pic, but mounted. minus 1 popped 4500 reactor audio RCA distro boxes. 1 for the highs side on the right and 1 on the opposite side for the sub amps ohio MECA state finals 2nd place for park n pound 5. damn near shook my steering wheel off for this 1. the dam center nut that held it on vibrated loose and YES i made my hood a trans am ram air style lol i think its neat
  5. got a lil update on this show. if you bring a new or unopened toy to donate you be given a free raffle ticket and your choice of a hamburger or hotdog in return for that donation. we want to bring in as many toys as possible to donate because we have a show sponsor who is willing to match our total number of toys as a donation, basically doubling the # of toys we have to donate at christmas time later this year.
  6. its only a MECA 1X because its a charity event. they usually make all charity shows 1X
  7. hey just wanted to throw up some info on a show in ohio in 2017. will be in dayton ohio on august 13, 2017. lots of raffle prizes, a toy collection to benefit the kids of needy veterans at xmas time, special motorcycle audio competition,good food, special attractions like PRV's extreme demo van. 4 different leagues doing competitions (nadbl, meca, ispll, and sls sound off), special show trophies for top winners, all money raised goes to the gary sinsie foundation who helps disabled veterans. so if your in or around ohio come and see what its about.
  8. got more to put up but photobucket is bein a bitch to load my pics on here. sooo i gotta do it slowly. for some reason the shockwave player keeps crashing and fucking it up when i try to post. but yeah new amps, new amp board, led's, trans am style ram air hood (yep i went there on a astro van). so i got lots to post up if i can git things to cooperate with each other on here
  9. just a lil update. any one planning on coming you got 20 days left to git that shit ready. wev now got TC Designs building a custom kurf 'd box for the raffle. ILL Customz is now a show sponsor. PS Designs audio engineering is now a sponsor or the show. theres going to be some interesting stuff at this years show. the show its self will have 9 award classes separate from the competitions leagues. AND the S4S team challenge. any team wanting to enter puts 3 guys up for 3 diferent classes. 1 for loudest spl, 1 for loudest musical average, and 1 for crowd demos. challenge is 1 on 1 against the other teams.the winning team beats the others out in 2 out of 3 wins. they take home bragging rights as the S4S 2016 team champs and the awards for this year. prices are now listed for almost everything on the facebook pages. if your close to south west ohio or want to make the trip for league points bring it on to the show. or even if you just want to demo your ass off bring it. we have all kinds of stuff for the raffles including the JR basshead prize for kids 12 and under to try to win. august 20th 2016 lebanon, ohio event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/176425359419598/ group discussion page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1019160848143574/
  10. recovered my door panels in the fur to. i added 4 reactor audio mylar dome tweets in each door to. also finished my A pillar pods finally and put the 8 reactor audio 2.5" mini mids in them. had to make some new super tweet pods and put them on the tops of the doors with 2 reactor audio R1 supers on each side. they seem to work pretty good there.
  11. its been a minute since i update this. but heres the progress on the rear fillers up to the basicly final result. i know theres haters but fur gits 'em wet its been descibed as a titty bar on wheels. marble floors, furry walls, stage lights, and future stripper pole. oh yea a console will be there eventually to. aaaaand the catskin
  12. a little more progress. the side panels are in permanently now. i got a little of the new ceiling done. yes it looks like hell rite now but they usually do b4 they look decent. still have to finish the rest of the roof then glass it all to blend it together. decided to keep the roof console cus its got the dome lights and stuff in it.
  13. ok since the weather has finally warmed up enough around here i can git to work on this bitch inside. so far ive put in a floor extension off the box for mounting purposes. sealing the box off to the B pillars. the side panels that are going to be in this spot are going to have 8x 6.5's, 2x 10's and 4 super tweets in each side. thats basically doubling what it had in it before. once these sides are in then the roof. im gonna build a dropped ceiling to put in it. ive already shot a shit load of great stuff in between the headliner and roof to stiffen that up some and it did quite a bit. once this stuff gits done its on down the list we go. amp board needs to be redone, console built, A pillar pods finished, upper door pods for tweets, and on and on. but here goes side panel moch up tried put some UV resin on glassing the left side window to seal it off from the mids. sealing the sliding door off is gonna be fun...... holes all cut out and set in place nendo 10s and 4 6.5s, 4 skar 6.5s, and 4 reactor audio super tweets on each side. yeah that arc in the lay out is there for a reason. its like that to clear the seats
  14. got an update. audiocontrol has signed on to be a show sponsor for this year http://www.audiocontrol.com/
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